Thursday, 7 August 2014


   I have a pretty big birthday coming up this year, and for that birthday I'd like to do something which I've never done before; a kind of bucket list type thing, I guess.

   I'd like to drastically change my hair colour, which may seem super normal to some people - but I've never really played around with my hair that much. I had an ombré put in last year which I was in love with, but, at the end of the day, my hair was just brown with touches of blonde. This year I'm talking 'major overhaul'.

   So I haven't yet decided which direction I'm going to go in, but above are a few of my inspirations. Maybe you could help me out by picking your favourite?

1. MaryCake is one of my Instagram favourites. She has an ombré from dark brown to blonde, and sometimes dyes the blonde to grey - I'm IN LOVE with the brown/grey ombré, but I have no idea if it'd suit me.

2. I'm such a fan girl for Amy Valentine's hair! It would be a seriously drastic change to dye my hair completely pink and, yes, the upkeep would be insane - but sometimes you just have to go for it...

3. Claire Marshall (AKA Hey Claire) is one of those vloggers that I'm constantly tuning in to. Her hair is a stunning coppery-brunette that goes so well with her skin tone. It wouldn't be a huge change on me, but I think people would still notice a difference.

4. Jennifer Grace from The Native Fox is such a style icon. Her dirty blonde hair goes so well with her style, and it looks so natural!

5. Who doesn't love Kylie Jenner? Her black to blue ombré was one of my favourite hairstyles of the year, but I think her short bob suits the bold colouring - maybe not so much on my long hair?

6. Lia from Curiouser and Curiouser has gorgeous blonde hair with natural-looking rootage. I'd love going all blonde; sure, I'd obsess over picking the right shade, but I'm pretty certain I'd be happy with the end result.



  1. 2 would be so awesome! maybe even like a paler candyfloss pink would be cool. i also really like no. 4! xo

    1. Thanks so much for the suggestions! Yeah I think I'd go for a paler pink if I were to go for number 2; and I really like number 4 as well as she's got such a nice, natural toned blonde :)

      Jennifer x

  2. Kylie's hair is perfect! Love these inspirations :)
    Tiana x

  3. Totally agree that Kylie Jenner's hair is one of my fave styles of the year. Love it! x

  4. All of these are gorgeous but I'm in love with Kylie Jenner's ombre, I'd definitely get that done myself if I had dark hair!

    Louise /


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