Friday, 15 August 2014

Ben de Lisi X Ryvita - Plus Delicious Recipes!

   I'm excited to reveal that one of my favourite healthy snack brands, Ryvita, is undergoing a fantastic relaunch. As part of this process, they've teamed up with internationally acclaimed designer, Ben de Lisi (whom you may know from his ongoing collab with Debenhams), to create a stunning, limited edition revamp of their good old Ryvita tin* which will be available to purchase from September 1st, 2014!

   The design of the new container reminds me of early 90s urban art and, in my opinion, more reflects the slightly extroverted style of Ben de Lisi's homeware collection, rather than the muted palettes and simple shapes of his clothing lines. 

   He "wanted to create a striking and bold look that would stand out and look great on people's worktops" - a great idea, as our nation's kitchens seem to be getting plainer and plainer as we convert into a more space age, minimalist aesthetic.

   Along with this delightfully fun tin, I was sent some delicious flavours of Ryvita in order to create some exciting recipes for you to try out! Below are my ideas for creating the perfect snack to combat those mid-afternoon hunger pangs; I recommend that these are eaten fresh to get the right texture and taste from your Ryvita!


   For these little bites of Italia, I used the Ryvita Thins Multi-Seed Flatbreads (which are actually scrumptious by themselves!). I spooned a reasonable layer of hummus on each flatbread (above), to create a sticky base for my prosciutto butterflies (below).

   I then placed an olive or two on each flatbread, and hey presto! You've created a quick and easy, delicious snack. I served these to my family and they went down an absolute treat!


   I may have pinched this idea from the Ryvita website, but I've just simplified it a bit so that it's easier for when you're on the go!

   All you need is a handful of chopped strawberries, some strawberry yoghurt, some honey (optional) and a pack of Ryvita Fruit Crunch Crispbread.

   First, spooned a small amount of the yoghurt into the bottom of a glass, then mashed up the Ryvita Crispbread and spooned it in on top. I then drizzled a thin layer of honey over the Crispbread, then layered some more yoghurt on top, followed by the strawberries.

   This is SUCH a simple recipe for a summery snack that tastes like a light and sweet granola!

   Let me know what you thought of these recipes, or if you're going to try them out! Also, leave a comment below letting me know what you think of Ben de Lisi's design on the classic Ryvita tin!

* Items were gifted for review purposes


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