Tuesday, 26 August 2014

5 Things to do on a Rainy Day

   Since the weather's decided to take a turn for the worse, I thought I'd compose a (hopefully) helpful list of things to when going outside just isn't an option. 

   I've seen thousands of lists like these on the internet, but most are dedicated to families with children - so if you're mostly by yourself (like me!) then here are a few productive things to do to keep occupied!

1. Feng shui

   I find that this ancient art is one of the most satisfying activities for a rainy day! There are certain rules in 'proper' feng shui, but I just tend to move things around and re-organise until I feel that the room looks good.

   Start by clearing out everything that you haven't used in the last six months (I use the three box system: one box for things to throw away, one to give to charity, and one to sell). Then, start shifting the large objects around, i.e. beds, wardrobes, tables. Think about how you use a room and move around it - it must flow well - and consider how you're going to get the best lighting, as I find that this completely changes the look of a room.

   'I Heart Organising' has some great ideas for home organisation!

2. Baking

   To say that I'm not great at baking would be an understatement - I'm terrible. It's the one thing I don't have patience for, but maybe making fresh cookies/cakes/puddings appeals to you.

   Have a good flick through internet recipes (I find that Pinterest provides the best inspiration - though most of the recipes seem to be American, so be careful with measurements). Clear a workspace in your kitchen, and bake your heart out! And if you really want to be savvy, buy some pretty packaging and deliver your fresh-baked goodies to your friends and family!

3. Order your winter wardrobe

   Right now I'm thinking long and hard about cosy boyfriend coats, leather trousers, black boots and blanket scarves, all of which are only a click away.

   Most retailers are uploading their AW14 collections; my favourites so far have been H&M, Zara and Acne. I'm a sucker for Scandi tailoring.

4. Small-scale DIY (and starting your own internet shop)

  I'm talking practical-but-chic make-up storage, adorable tablet cases and beautiful hand-made photo albums.

   My favourite DIY bloggers are Ann Le at 'Anne or Shine', and Elsie and Emma at 'A Beautiful Mess'. Why not get inspired by their ideas and create your own DIYs? If they go well, you could start your own DIY blog, or even create an internet shop and sell your homemade products on Etsy.

5. Work out

   This may seem like the last thing you want to when the weather is dragging your mood down, but a little yoga, circuit training or even an exercise DVD can boost your endorphin count and make you thankful that you went through with it. For me, exercising is a chore; but I only need to remember how I felt after my last work out, and I'm ready to go.

   If you're by yourself, make a workout playlist and turn it up while you're getting sweaty - or maybe reward yourself at the end of your routine with a little bit of retail therapy, รก la point number 3.

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