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Cliché Blogging Tips Reinterpreted

   We've all heard the cliche blogging advice that (some, not all) successful bloggers share with those who are just starting out; but sometimes "follow your dreams" and "be the best person you can be" are way too general for new bloggers, and we don't get to hear much of the nitty gritty stuff that really got those hardworking high-flyers into the positions that they are now. 

   I'm sure it's not because they don't want to share the secrets of their success; it's most likely to be that success works in different ways for every individual, and so these general sayings are a way to inspire as many people as possible.

   On the other hand, there are some bloggers and vloggers who genuinely want to help their audiences achieve their goals - for example, Carly Christman recently published a really helpful video consisting of her advice for getting into the creative industry. It's advice like this that the online community really needs.

   So here are a few of the more cliché tips broken down and reinterpreted; hopefully these will inspire a few of you and get you closer to the mindframe required for achieving your own goals.

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   This is one of the most general phrases in the entire language of rhetoric. Your heart is a muscle and it cannot think for itself. You, however, can.

   A better phrase would be to "go with your instincts", as your innate feelings and ideas are generally the better ones. When creating your own blog and deciding what kind of content you want to publish and the kind of image you'd like to portray, find a direction that you'd like to go with and try to stick with it. Look at as many blogs as you can before you start anything, get inspired, create moodboards, and incorporate yourself and your unique personality into those ideas.

   Ultimately, your blog is YOUR baby, so it should go in the direction in which YOU want it to go.

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   Well, who else are you going to be?

   The internet is an evolutionary, ever-changing entity. No doubt you will change with it - I know I have. As humans, we change every day, constantly adapting to environment, technology, social conditions, etc. However, as bloggers, that change is then mirrored by your blog, and is projected into the stratosphere for the world to see.

   Because of this, it's easy to lose sight of who you were when you started your blog, and the reasons you started it. So, if you're opinionated, be opinionated! If you're a geek, be a geek! If people like your style then that's great; don't change yourself to make other people like you - this isn't high school.

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   Again, this is so general that it can apply to any area of life - though I'm not denying its value. Staying positive is so important, but it's not always as easy as saying it.

   There will be lows. There'll be times where you just don't feel like blogging anymore, maybe because your stats are dipping, or that you haven't gained a follower in over a month, or EVEN that you've experienced the terrible rock-bottomness of internet abuse from someone who doesn't even know you but can make you feel like s*** in under three seconds.

   However, there are ways to get over these lows. If you're feeling over-stressed about the pressures of maintaining an online image, take a technology break every once in a while to clear your mind - no blogging, no Twitter, no Instagram, nothing. 

   If you're worried that your content isn't attracting the amount of followers you'd like, read through popular blogs, magazines and articles to see what's trending and channel those ideas into your blog - audiences are attracted to content that is current and relatable. 

   Suffering from trolls? Unfortunately, there are thousands lurking out there, and a thick skin is needed if you're going to face them. However, if you're not that tough (I must admit, I'm not), then maybe it's time to get rid of the comments option on your blog, and block them on social media.

   All in all, if blogging is becoming a threat to your happiness, don't do it. Because you only get one shot in this world, and if you're not going to be happy, it's not worth it.

   That was super deep. Hope you all enjoyed this post and that it got you inspired! If you have any tips you want to share, please don't hesitate to comment below - I want to hear what you've got to say!


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