Friday, 27 June 2014

Veet EasyWax Electrical Roll-on Kit

   Not long ago, a friend recommended I try salon waxing, as it's truly effective and the results are long-term. So, I booked an appointment with my local salon and, after getting over the fear of the first rip of that wax strip, I eventually got hooked. I loved the feeling of going to a salon and getting the treatment done by a professional, rather than taking ages in the shower at home shaving away and inevitably missing little patches only to discover them later when a friend embarrassingly points them out.

   However, around six months in, after booking an appointment and being told that my usual beautician was not available, I went to an appointment with a new beautician at the same salon and, to put it lightly, it could've gone a lot better. Her style of treatment (alongside her disappointing unprofessional manner) put me off salon waxing for a good few months and, sadly, I reverted back to shaving.
    Last week, I was sent a package which included some of Veet's newest at home waxing kits: the 'EasyWax Electrical Roll-on Kit'* for larger areas such as legs, arms and underarms, and the 'Face Precision Wax & Care'* for smaller areas such as eyebrows. A slight bit dubious (having recalled my last experience with waxing), I sucked it up and thought, "I trust myself", and went ahead with it.

   The EasyWax Roll-on kit was easy to use, effective and, so far, the results have been long-lasting - basically everything I was expecting from a quality depilatory product brand such as Veet.

   The pack comes with an electronic heater, which is a little bit tricky to grip while you're waxing due to its width (though, I do have rather dwarfish hands), a plug for the heater, several finishing wipes (absolutely necessary if you don't want spare bits of wax sticking to everything), a 50ml wax refill, 12 wax strips and, obviously, an instruction leaflet.

   Once you've read the instructions, the waxing itself is an easy affair. Simply heat the wax refill for around 20-30 minutes, roll the wax on in the direction of hair growth, apply the strip and rub it down, then rip it off as quickly as possible. I'm not going to lie, it's a little bit painful, and I did feel like abandoning ship halfway through and shaving the rest off - but I got stuck in (literally) and I'm really glad I did so.

   The wax removed most of the hair on my legs, though tweezers were required on a few stragglers around the tricky parts (i.e. the knees... ouch). But, overall, I'm super happy with how my skin looks and feels - and I'm saving myself the £25 I'd spend on going to the salon!

   I'd like to say that the added 'Pomegranate oil' made a difference to the smoothness of my skin, but I have no other home-waxing kit to compare it to, so it was a bit lost on me! Although, my skin felt just as smooth as it did after a salon wax, so I'm pretty pleased.

   Let me know if you'd like me to review the Face Precision Wax & Care too!

*Items were gifted for review purposes



  1. Super interesting review have been liking Veet products so far, so might give this one a try, sounds very perfect and convenient for summer!

    Much love xxx

    1. Thanks for reading, Christina! I'm glad the post inspired you :)

      Jennifer x


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