Thursday, 19 June 2014

Messy Top Bun Tutorial

   It's been a long while since I've recorded and posted a tutorial on this blog. Simply put, when I discover a new hairstyle, I tend to stick with it for a good couple of months before experimenting to find a new one.

   At the moment, this messy top bun has been really useful when I'm running a little bit late or when I have to quickly run out the door. It's super easy to put together; you'll only need a hairbrush, a few hair grips and two hair bands (and, of course, some hair).

   This style suits medium to long hair best, and make sure it's either second-day-hair, or at least texturised with some sort of spray to help it stay in place a bit better.




  1. Your hair looks lovely in a bun. I can never make it look effortlessly messy, I end up putting lots of hair pins in as I have short bits that fall down! The tutorial is really useful, I shall be following these steps next time! x

    1. Thank you so much :) I had problems doing these hairstyles back when my hair was layered - I definitely used my fair share of hair pins!
      Thanks for commenting!

      Jennifer x


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