Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Knowing when to Treat Yourself

   It's been two months since I really started upping my fitness routine. In that two months I've cycled rigorously three or four times a week, started doing stretches and toning exercises twice a day and walking whenever I can instead of taking the car. Although I've FELT leaner and more toned, the visual results aren't up to par.

   There's only one real reason for this: I'm not eating healthily enough. I'm stuck in those eating habits where I feel like I'm obliged to finish every last morsel on my plate and to not let food go to waste (including my mum's delicious home-baked sponge cakes and scones). I fill myself up without thinking, "Okay, I'm full, I need to stop". AND I'm terrible for snacking when I'm bored; when I have nothing to do, I'll start thinking of food, and then I'll find that I can't stop and I give in to cravings.

   I need to know when to treat myself, and when to have the willpower to say no to food. So, I've put together a few rules to stick by, and hopefully if any of you are going through the same thing, maybe you could help me and add some more to the list?

1. Work out your goals.

   If you're trying to lose weight/tone up/build muscle etc., it's vital that you know what you're trying to achieve. Maybe think about keeping a photo of your fitspiration, and think, for example, "Would [insert name here] be giving in to maple bacon pancakes right now?"

2. Decide a deadline.

   If you need to lose weight quickly (perhaps before your next beach holiday), maybe think about sticking to a strict eating regime. Mapping out your deadline will give you an idea of how often you can treat yourself. If you don't have a deadline in mind, you'll find that treats will generally become more abundant, and that ideal body will slip further and further away.

3. Write down what you eat.

   I'm not saying calorie count - we all know how much of a mind game that can be. Just write down everything you eat, as you eat it. It should deter you from picking up a chocolate bar, as you'll have to admit to yourself that you're consuming junkfood. And wouldn't it look so much more satisfying to see a page of fruits and greens rather than the bad stuff?

4. Eat little and often.

   This is a phrase you'll have heard many times before, but I can't even explain how relevant it is to serial treaters. If you're consuming less than 1000 calories a day, your body goes into crave mode and you will instantly feel like you need to snack. However, if you eat a side plate-sized portion of food (GOOD food) five times a day, I guarantee that you'll find yourself thinking about those Krispy Kremes less and less.

5. Substitute.

   If all else fails and you can't resist that evening sugar kick when you're on the sofa watching Orange is the New Black, try a cup of peppermint tea and honey rather than a regular brew with two sugars, or almond butter on rye bread rather than Nutella on white toast, or even greek yoghurt and strawberries rather than a bowl of Coco Pops. There are so many healthy foods out there, you just need to get creative.



  1. Thanks for the tips ! I always jot down what I eat and quite cautious with it. Anyway, great post as always <3 xo


    1. No problem, glad the post inspired you! Thanks so much for commenting :)

      Jennifer x


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