Thursday, 22 May 2014

When You're So Short That Crop Tops Look Like Normal Tops

   Today's dilemma is one that only seems to affect me, and none of my friends, seeing as they all tower above me in terms of height.

   Ever since the neo-90s trend buried its roots into high street stores, my social media has been inundated with girls working crop tops to a fine art. I thought, "this looks great! I'll definitely have to try this out!" (having not bared my stomach since the early 2000s); however, it's a known fact that certain fashions suit certain people more than others and, to my dismay, my relationship with crop tops began with a sour start.

   Perusing the shop floor at Forever 21, I fell in love with a simple, long sleeve, grey top that looked like it would go with practically anything. Without trying it on (I know what you're thinking, "it's your fault"), I paid and left and within half an hour of arriving home I had covered my bedroom floor in piles of clothing, tearing my hair out and screaming, "NOTHING GOES!".

   It wasn't the top's fault. Of course I couldn't blame the top. It was my fault... actually, it's was my parents' fault for breeding and creating a child with an exceptionally short, stubby torso. The top was a great fit, all except for the fact that it finished at exactly the wrong point of the waist - the part where that persistent bulge makes it look as if I'm expecting. Damn muffin tops!! This 'crop' was literally the length of a normal top on me.

   Since then, I've bought several different crop tops in the hopes that one day, I would find the perfect length. I asked a fellow midget if they knew a solution; apparently, the only way out is to buy bandage tops or bralets.

   So here are a few of my favourite picks of tops that definitely ARE short enough to bare a bit of ab this summer:

   P.S. please let me know if you've had the same problem! Frustration ages me...

1. Miss Selfridge - £25
2. Zara - £19.99
3. H&M - £3.99
4. River Island - £22
5. Topshop - £22
6. MeeMee - £20
7. Coggles - £207
8. Three Floor - £72



  1. I feel you.. some short girls like us really have this crop tops dillema.. <3 Btw are a football fan? check out my latest post here:

    1. Glad to hear from a fellow shortie! Thank you for the link - I'll check that out right now! :)

      Jennifer x

  2. how funny! i have this problem a little bit but not too bad. love these ones though!

    xx fameliquorlove

    1. Yeah these are definitely a few of my faves at the moment! Thanks so much for your comment :)

      Jennifer x


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