Monday, 12 May 2014

Spinach, Berry & Grape Smoothie

   I'm currently researching a raw food diet, after seeing so many positive faces on Instagram preaching about how it has practically saved their lives. At first, I thought the diet consisted of just fruit and vegetables but, after poking around on some raw food blogs, I discovered that there are so many foods that are acceptable, and really rather tasty!

   Firstly, I heard about this diet through one of my favourite bloggers, Annie Jaffrey, then I began following some dedicated raw food blogs (my favourites are 'This Rawsome Vegan Life', 'Rawmazing' and 'The Raw Food Sisters' - the amazing photography helps as well!) and was super inspired by their recipes.
   I found out that, unlike a normal and very restrictive diet, you can eat everything from cakes and pizzas, to porridges and other cereals, to soups and salads - as long as they're all made with raw ingredients. Oh, and that also means that there is no oven or stove involved; an absolute blessing for me, as I'm miserably lazy when it comes to cooking or baking.

   So, I decided to start the week, and my attempted raw food diet, by popping to Morrisons and grabbing a load of fruit and vegetables. I chucked some spinach, strawberries, blueberries and grapes into a blender to see how it would taste, and the results were great! I felt more energised, and didn't give into my usual five o'clock collapse-on-the-bed-and-nap-for-an-hour routine.

   To make this, I literally used a handful of each fruit/vegetable, chopped the strawberries up to make them easily processable by the blender, then poured in about one cup of water and blended for around 20-30 seconds. The end result looked a bit murky, but it tasted really rather nice!

   I think experimentation is key with these diets. There are so many combinations of food that we miss out on not through ignorance, but perhaps because our lives are just so busy that an average, routine diet is simply easier than anything else. 



  1. this sounds delicious! i've also been looking into the raw vegan lifestyle, i'm thinking of starting the raw 'til 4 diet.. just to ease myself in, so everything until 4pm is raw and for dinner i can have a cooked meal, i think just going full on raw would be so difficult for me! it sounds so beneficial and nutritious though xo

    1. That sounds like a great idea! I'd never even thought of splitting up my diet instead of going full raw/vegan - thank you for the tip!

      Jennifer x


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