Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Nails Inc Express Nail Polish Remover

   Many a spillage has been caused by my forgetting to replace the cap on a nail polish remover bottle, and subsequently spilling the contents everywhere when knocking it over with a clumsy elbow. In fact, this has happened so many times that I only buy the severely dirt cheap bottles, as I end up wasting half of it anyway.

   If don't know if anyone else does this, or if it's just the 'clumsy gene' I've inherited from my dad (he's endlessly spilling food on my mum's new tablecloth's, much to her chagrin), but I began searching for alternatives in an attempt to end this ridiculous situation.

   ASOS was holding a discount day on selected beauty items, so I decided to take the opportunity to see if I could get my hands on a less messy nail polish removal solution. I came across Nails Inc.'s Express Nail Polish Remover, a product which I remembered seeing in a few haul videos, but never really took much notice of it, until now.

   The product is comprised of a pretty, compact container with a screw-top and a spongy interior, soaked in vanilla-scented nail polish remover. You stick your finger inside, twist it round a little, and voilá! Clean fingernails!

   I must admit, putting your finger into the container and having it engulfed by moist sponge feels a little bit like popping it into your mouth and swishing it round a bit. Odd sensation. But it does the job. And I don't have to muck about with several balls of cotton wool.

   It's safe to say that I'm super-impressed with this. I've already knocked it over twice and none of the solution has seeped out!

   However, it doesn't do so well with glitter or speckled nail polishes. Below, I've demonstrated the removal of a speckled nail polish and, as you can see, a lot of the speckles just wouldn't budge. I'm afraid, for the moment, we'll have to stick to soaking little bits of cotton wool in polish remover and leaving them on our nails to soak.


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