Monday, 28 April 2014

Two Minute Hair Masks

   Reviewing hair products takes me a long time, as I strive to be as accurate as possible in regards to what I find that is good about the products, and what I find is bad. 

   For this post, I've been trying out three mid-range hair masks over the past three to four weeks, all of which claim to work their magic in just two minutes. I tried each product two times, the first leaving the product on for only two minutes - as stated in the instructions - and the second leaving the product on for slightly longer to see if I'd get a better result.

   Below, I've listed a few pointers about each product; however, if you'd like to hear a more detailed view and get a closer look at the products themselves, just check out the video at the bottom of this post.

- Gives great results in both texture and shine
- Smells quite sweet, but fresh at the same time
- Leaves a tiny bit of build-up as it's quite thick
- Genuinely only takes two minutes to work

- Takes longer than two minutes to work
- Visibly shinier and smoother hair
- Product itself is quite thin, so I had to use quite a lot

- Has a gorgeous smell of honey and apricot
- Product itself is quite thin
- No build-up
- Cannot see any visible difference in shine or texture


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