Wednesday, 23 April 2014

The Shoes I Wish I Could Wear Right Now

Lexi Lavender - £240
Samantha Pink - £250
Lily Pink - £200
Jayda Bronze - £200

   I think the above collection of photos speaks for itself, but if you did need a little bit more info on the fashion-forward shoe brand, Miista, read on.

   Miista, founded by Laura Villasenin, is an East London-based company that stocks footwear in designs that are like none other that I've seen on the market (no, not even from our beloved Jeffrey Campbell).

   I read about Miista in Company Magazine's East London issue, which featured a host of other hugely successful, independent businesses that have set up shop in Hackney, Camden, Shoreditch and Dalston, etc. These shoes really caught my eye, because of their un-typical shapes and mouth-wateringly delicious colours; if it wasn't for the £200-average price tag (and the fact that I'm a poverty-stricken student), I'd be bagging at least ten of these designs right now.

   Let me know what you think of these - if they're your sort of style, or not, and if you've bought a pair yourself! 


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