Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Health & Fitness: Almond Butter & Acai Berry

   The hardest part of making a change to your health and fitness is always at the beginning: finding the motivation, working yourself into a routine, kicking bad habits. I've been working up a new fitness regime to tone up, stay lean and get ready for the Summer - that means, changing up not only my exercise routine, but also my diet.

   I've started high intensity cycling to really start toning up my legs, as well as walking every day just to keep me in the routine of consistent exercise. I've also started thinking really hard about what foods I'm consuming, as a diet has an incredible impact on all areas of the human body, including the mind.

   I was introduced to two products: acai berry capsules by Myvitamins, and almond butter by Myprotein. These are really functional and so easy to fit into your day-to-day.

   The acai berry capsules look quite large, but surprisingly easy to swallow, and are so convenient for a busy lifestyle. They deliver a concentrated kick of the super-food, which helps to maintain healthy cells - great for digestion, clear skin, and energy levels.

   Free from artificial colours and preservatives, yeast, gluten, starch and lactose, these are almost perfect for any dietary needs aside from vegetarians, as the casing is made from gelatin.

   I'm already feelings the benefits from these after taking them daily for less than two weeks. I've noticed that my skin has less blemishes, which is great as I always try and keep my makeup to the bare minimum during Summer!

   The almond butter was so tasty - great for use in cooking, as well as slathered on toast. It's a much healthier alternative to peanut butter, as it only has one ingredient: almonds!

   Instead of indulging in some chocolate or some sort of sugary pastry, I'll have a slice of toast with almond butter and some slices of banana - a great snack for those wanting to get in shape!

   In the video below, I'm featuring the two products by Myprotein and Myvitamins that are pictured above with a little bit more detail. I hope you enjoy the video, and that it gives you some ideas of the products you could use to enhance your health & fitness regimes!

Products featured:

* Items have been gifted for review purposes

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