Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Crap Eyewear

   Crap Eyewear is one of those uber-indie brands that bring the otherwise inaccessible California-cool to our browsing space in the form of incredibly wearable sunglasses. 

   The kind of people you'd see wearing Crap Eyewear? Lil' Wayne, Lindsay Lohan, and basically a whole load of other celebrities that you wouldn't want to be associated with - but hey, who really cares when their sunglasses are this good?

   My favourite feature is the hugely noticeable 'CRAP' logo on the arm of the sunglasses, representing the hilariously blasé attitude of the designers and their take on the designer eyewear industry. Political and stylish, eh?

   Here are a few of my favourite designs from their collections:



  1. So cool glasses!

    1. They are pretty cool! Thanks so much for commenting :)

      Much love
      Jennifer x

  2. They all look so good! I especially love the green pair on first row :)



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