Sunday, 13 April 2014

A Bookcase Transformation

   Something had been bothering me for a long time when I had settled into my new bedroom; none of my furniture matched. 

   I had a cream leather bed, a white wardrobe, a pine wood wardrobe and a mirrored tallboy, all of which were vastly different from the next, and took up valuable floor space in my 12' x 12'(ish) room. In fact, the pine wardrobe took up so much space, that I kept on stubbing my toe on its wood every time I went to get into bed. It had to go.

   After moving it out of my room (and having a huge sort through all the clothes that I had hoarded inside its confines), I purchased a simple, white bookcase from Argos to replace it. Although I'm not a huge fan of cheap furniture - I'd rather buy a great quality item which'll last forever - this bookcase does its job, and was easy to set up; however, it looked fairly plain and office-furniture-like, so I subsequently decided to paint the backing pink, after many a search for inspiration through Pinterest.

   I went with the shade, 'Tea Rose', from the Dulux Made By Me Satin collection. It's a beautifully delicate tone which matches my pink Toile de Jouy moodboard, and brings a sense of concordance to the room.


   In terms of styling, bookcases are a slippery slope, as all the items in the bookcase are on display, rather than concealed by wardrobe doors - there's no hiding!

   Colour coordination is a great place to start. With my objects, I coordinated certain colour shoes to certain colour books, as you can see on the second shelf from the top. This creates an optical illusion which makes you believe that everything has been placed with a sense of order - colour coordination is an interior designer's best tool.

   It's also important to minimise clutter to create the illusion of tidiness. Although my bottom shelf is rather messy (never do art, you'll endlessly hoard brushes, pencils and vast assortments of paint), I'm going to box all of these items up into two or three pretty cardboard containers like this one from Paperchase to make it appear as if I'm super neat.

   Rifle through boutique homeware shops to find beautiful, unique items to place on your shelves. Detail doesn't go unnoticed, so try to find pieces that compliment the items that you already have on your shelf. It's an easy way to bring all of your objects together harmoniously. I've picked out my favourite perfumes as my little details, for example, I've got a Guerlain bottle placed neatly in front of a stack of books to balance up the look, creating symmetricality.


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