Thursday, 27 March 2014


   So this 'thing' has come about because, let's face it, some trend analyst working under a tight deadline ran out of things to be original about and decided it'd be cool if everyone dressed like they had nothing else to wear. We're talking: grungey Kate Moss back in the 90s or (God forgive me for mentioning her name on this blog) Kristen Stewart; so that includes corduroy a-line midi-skirts, socks and ugly sandals, and lumpy jumpers. The point is to make yourself look as unexciting as humanly possible.

   But what does this mean for people who already dress like The Devil Wears Prada' s Andrea (pre-Stanley Tucci makeover)? Will they suddenly become chic? Or do you still need to possess some of that coveted model-esqueness to pull it off?

   Or what about if you want to pull off this incredibly nonchalant look, but don't want people to mistake you for Larry David? The easy way to tone down this look is to ditch the heels, go for monotone or neutral shades, and work those jeans like you've never worked them before. Certain fashion bloggers rock normcore by adding their own individuality into the mix, and giving the look some personality, perhaps with a lime beanie, or an oversized tartan shirt.

   Let's take a look at some of the bloggers bringing normcore to another level..


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