Friday, 21 March 2014

Gorgeous Diamond Rings for Under £100!

   As I've worked in jewellery retail for nearly four years, I've really developed a taste for quality jewellery, so much so that I've thrown away over half my collection of costume jewellery with the intention of one day replacing it all with pieces that will never lose their shine or their value. So far, I've only bought vintage pieces from local jewellers, as it's difficult to discover genuine gold and silver jewellery online.

   Gemporia is one of those hard-to-find, trusted brands that stock genuine, quality jewellery in both silver and gold, with gem stones ranging from classic diamonds, sapphires and rubies, to the exquisite tourmalines, peridots and tanzanites, to the more obscure and rare tsavorites, andesines and petalites. According to their website, the gorgeous Ellie Goulding and Amanda Holden have been spotted wearing their jewellery, so we're in pretty good hands.

   I usually find that the markup on silver jewellery is completely extortionate, but this internet stockist offers silver rings from as little as £7 - so if you hate that awful green line on your skin that appears after wearing costume rings, you have no excuse!

   Below are a few of my favourite pieces from Gemporia. I'm completely in love with opal, as it's my birthstone; however, I've only got one piece of opal jewellery, so I'm up for expanding my collection! The turquoise ring (middle) is such a beautiful, deep, ocean blue tone that can make a statement with any outfit, while the amber ring (left) is a personal recommendation if you (like i used to) think amber is synonymous with elderly ladies - it's actually incredibly versatile.

           Australian Opal   & White Topaz Sterling Silver Ring * Mojave Turquoise Sterling Silver Ring * Green Amber Sterling Silver Ring

 You can also catch Gemporia this Sunday 22nd March at 10pm on Gems TV, where they'll be auctioning a thousand rings for under £100, including this black and white diamond buckle ring (below), which retails at £1249, but is selling for less than £100. That's three quarters of a carat of diamond for less than a pair of Louboutins - fantastique!

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