Monday, 31 March 2014

Bedding Ideas: Next Home

   Believe it or not, this is the first bedding set that I've bought for myself. Ever.

   I've decided that I'm going to take control of the decor in my own room and create the space that I want to live in.

   At the moment, I've only just begun (my bedroom needs a colossal revamp, not to mention a Spring-clean), so I thought I'd start with some new bedding. I'm intending on buying and customising a bookcase, as well as creating a moodboard which, no doubt, I'll do a tutorial on!

  Toile de Jouy has been the print of interest for me, ever since my sister re-upholstered her dining room chair cushions with the design; so, as soon as I saw this bedding in Next Home, I was completely sold, as it's not an overpowering print and it compliments my colour theme of silvery-grey and cream. The bedding is also reversible, with a more bachelor-pad, striped theme on the other side. Though I much prefer the Toile, it's always great to have more than one option.

   I also bought this pleated throw to lay on top of the bedding, which matches well with my silver curtains!


Sunday, 30 March 2014

Jewellery Haul from NOWSEEN

   I decided to expand my jewellery collection with a little haul from NOWSEEN, a new online retailer that sells gorgeous, affordable, trend-led jewellery in solid silver. For more info on this brand, check out my earlier post here.

   I bought four rings from NOWSEEN, all of which you can see in the video below!

Products mentioned:

   And don't forget to use my exclusive discount for 20% off! Just type in ARTSTYLE at the checkout.

Thursday, 27 March 2014


   So this 'thing' has come about because, let's face it, some trend analyst working under a tight deadline ran out of things to be original about and decided it'd be cool if everyone dressed like they had nothing else to wear. We're talking: grungey Kate Moss back in the 90s or (God forgive me for mentioning her name on this blog) Kristen Stewart; so that includes corduroy a-line midi-skirts, socks and ugly sandals, and lumpy jumpers. The point is to make yourself look as unexciting as humanly possible.

   But what does this mean for people who already dress like The Devil Wears Prada' s Andrea (pre-Stanley Tucci makeover)? Will they suddenly become chic? Or do you still need to possess some of that coveted model-esqueness to pull it off?

   Or what about if you want to pull off this incredibly nonchalant look, but don't want people to mistake you for Larry David? The easy way to tone down this look is to ditch the heels, go for monotone or neutral shades, and work those jeans like you've never worked them before. Certain fashion bloggers rock normcore by adding their own individuality into the mix, and giving the look some personality, perhaps with a lime beanie, or an oversized tartan shirt.

   Let's take a look at some of the bloggers bringing normcore to another level..


Wednesday, 26 March 2014

NOWSEEN Jewellery

   You have no idea how long I've been searching for trend-led jewellery in sterling silver. So many online shops I've come across (I refrain from naming any names) have gorgeous druzies and uncut crystals that would be absolutely perfect, if it weren't for the fact that their 'silver-coloured' chains go green after a handful of wears.

   I was contacted by NOWSEEN, who are (in their words, not mine) 'gemstone nerds' - a bit like me, really! Let's face it, the gem makes the jewellery, and there are so many out there that are just waiting to be worn in a stunning necklace, ring or a pair of earrings.

   NOWSEEN are GIA qualified gemologists - meaning they really know what's what in terms of that diamond in your engagement ring. Their jewellery is both pretty and quality, ranging from slinky lizard rings to effortlessly chic lunar bangles, all set with brilliant gemstones that could be milky or clear, faceted or cabochon cut, bold or subtle.

   Here are a select few of my favourite pieces from their online site (this list was so hard to create, as I would literally buy them all if I could!):

Armour Ring - £34
Trax Ring - £16
Hex Earrings - £35

   To introduce you to their gorgeous jewellery, I've got an exclusive discount for you! Just enter the code ARTSTYLE when you reach the checkout to get a massive 20% off!
Available until the end of April 2014

*This is a sponsored post

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Pretty Stationery

     I'm one of those people who will forever be busy, and I'm finding that, as I get older, the busy-ness is only increasing. It's not so much of a burden... more of a niggling nuisance when I wake up and realise that I won't have any free time for myself during the day; however, I will always set aside an hour or so in the evening to get everything organised for the week ahead: making lists, jotting down ideas, ticking boxes. 

   If you read my recent post on 'how to be more organised', you'd know that I'd go slightly mad if everything were out of control - so, as a little add-on to that post, I've created a list of the prettiest stationery, so that you can still look good whilst writing those to-do lists!

Taking Tea Hand Stitched Notebook by Paperchase - £12
Medium Blue Handbound Notebook by Liberty - £19.95
Bird Print A5 Notebook by Nikki Strange at Not on the High Street - £4.95
A4 Artemis Notebook by Ohh Deer at ASOS - £12
Pink Typewriter notebook by Nancy & Betty at Quill London - £3.50
Bird Cage A5 Ruled Notebook by Letts at WHSmith - £3.89
Creme Floral A6 Journal by Joules - £7


Friday, 21 March 2014

Gorgeous Diamond Rings for Under £100!

   As I've worked in jewellery retail for nearly four years, I've really developed a taste for quality jewellery, so much so that I've thrown away over half my collection of costume jewellery with the intention of one day replacing it all with pieces that will never lose their shine or their value. So far, I've only bought vintage pieces from local jewellers, as it's difficult to discover genuine gold and silver jewellery online.

   Gemporia is one of those hard-to-find, trusted brands that stock genuine, quality jewellery in both silver and gold, with gem stones ranging from classic diamonds, sapphires and rubies, to the exquisite tourmalines, peridots and tanzanites, to the more obscure and rare tsavorites, andesines and petalites. According to their website, the gorgeous Ellie Goulding and Amanda Holden have been spotted wearing their jewellery, so we're in pretty good hands.

   I usually find that the markup on silver jewellery is completely extortionate, but this internet stockist offers silver rings from as little as £7 - so if you hate that awful green line on your skin that appears after wearing costume rings, you have no excuse!

   Below are a few of my favourite pieces from Gemporia. I'm completely in love with opal, as it's my birthstone; however, I've only got one piece of opal jewellery, so I'm up for expanding my collection! The turquoise ring (middle) is such a beautiful, deep, ocean blue tone that can make a statement with any outfit, while the amber ring (left) is a personal recommendation if you (like i used to) think amber is synonymous with elderly ladies - it's actually incredibly versatile.

           Australian Opal   & White Topaz Sterling Silver Ring * Mojave Turquoise Sterling Silver Ring * Green Amber Sterling Silver Ring

 You can also catch Gemporia this Sunday 22nd March at 10pm on Gems TV, where they'll be auctioning a thousand rings for under £100, including this black and white diamond buckle ring (below), which retails at £1249, but is selling for less than £100. That's three quarters of a carat of diamond for less than a pair of Louboutins - fantastique!

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Quirky Urban Outfitters Homeware

   I'll be the first to admit, I had completely no idea that Urban Outfitters stocked homeware, let alone awesomely quirky homeware! There are dozens of pieces that I would love to display in my house, from a giant cupcake floor cushion to an invisible floating bookshelf; but below are a few of my favourite items from their range:


Sunday, 16 March 2014

10 of the Best Mules

   So, mules are not the most comfortable shoes, neither the most elegant, but, in an odd turn of events, AW14 catwalks seemed to be awash with them. Apparently designers such as Topshop Unique, Stella McCartney and Christopher Kane have concluded that this is THE shoe of the season.

   IMO, I'm not a huge fan. I get the feeling that the traditional backless design of the shoe would mean that any pair I wear would continuously slip off my feet. On the other hand, strapless versions definitely elongate legs; a massive benefit for my 5'4" frame.

   If you're brave enough to try this trend, here are ten of the best mules to tempt you:

1. Waltz Perforated Mules by Topshop - £52

2. Brown Gladiator Mule Wedges by River Island -  £50

3. India Black Cut Out Mules by Missguided - £34.99

4. Skye Cloud-appliquéd Patent-leather Mules by Sophia Webster - £395

5. Leather High Heel Mules by Zara - £59.99

6. Marsha Open Toe Mule Sandal by Alexander Wang - £335.45

7. Embellished Leather Mules by Tibi - £435

8. Clayton White Cut Out Heeled Shoes by Faith - £59

9. Curie Mule by Jeffrey Campbell - £92.98

10. Grey Mule by Lena Milos - £79


Saturday, 15 March 2014

Blogposts I've Been Loving

_DSC2931 2new balance 23Karlie Kloss’s West Village Apartment
Celine-Oracle-Fox-Shoes    1


St. Patrick's Day Ombre Cake by Cupcakes and Cashmere

Blue & Orange New Balance Sneakers by Lovely Pepa

Inside Karlie Kloss's Apartment by Because I'm Addicted

Eclectic Bohemian Interiors by Made By Girl


Angular Céline Shoes by Oracle Fox

Raw Chocolate Brownies by A House In The Hills

Spring Colours by Style'd Avenue

Tangerine Makeup by The Lovecats Inc

Y O U T U B E / T W I T T E R / I N S T A G R A M


Friday, 14 March 2014

My Current Favourite Lipsticks: Lancome, Dior, Topshop etc.

   Revlons Colorburst Matte Balm in Shameless

   I've mentioned these lip crayons in several posts and videos; IMO, they're one of the most effective products I've come across in the last year. The above shade, Shameless, is a rich, gem-toned purple with a perfectly matte finish. It applies perfectly and the pigment is crazily robust.

   Lancome L'Absolu in Beige Mirage

   This is the perfect sheer nude lipstick that instantly makes your lips look fuller and super sheeny. It's easy to apply and feels really moisturising.

   Barry M Lipstick in 52 / Shocking Pink

   Though a little bit drying, the pigment on this product is fantastic. It really delivers colour-wise, and I really like the matte finish - plus it doesn't break the bank.

   Dior Diorific in Diorama

   This was the first ever premium lipstick I ever bought, and I have to say, I was so impressed with the difference. This lipstick is smooth and so rich in pigment. It's also long-wearing, so it really stays put all day, even throughout light eating and drinking.

   Topshop Lipstick in Depth

   I love Topshop's makeup collection, it's so innovative for affordable makeup. This lipstick is a great colour - a really dark, vampy plum. It's smooth, but quite difficult to apply; you'll definitely want to put on a dark liner beforehand as a guide.

   Watch the video below for more information, and a demo of each product!



Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Trends to Covet: Logos

   After THAT Moschino AW14 show, everyone started going a little bit crazy for big, bold writing and punchy, bright colours. A little logo can go a long way, so to incorporate this loud trend into your wardrobe, find inspiration in the statement pieces below - you're only a controversial phonecase away from next season styledom.

1. Phone Case by ASOS - £12
2. Jumper by Ellesse @ ASOS - £40
3. Scarf by Karl Lagerfeld @ Net-A-Porter - £145
5. Bag by Kenzo @ Forzieri - £461.50
6. T-shirt by Tee and Cake @ Topshop - £23
7. Belt by Moschino @ Farfetch - £168.77
8. Grey Vest by Choies - £12.44
9. Jumper by Bill and Mar - £45
10. Tablet Case by Marc Jacobs @ Revolve - £34.87
11. Beanie by Brian Lichtenberg - $48
12. Crop Top by Stampd - $42


Sunday, 9 March 2014

Sunday Skincare Routine

   The incredible weather made me feel strangely positive today - it's amazing how weather can influence human emotions! I started the day with a more intense version of my normal Sunday skincare routine; great idea, as it made me feel even more fresh, clean and summery.

   The products I use change on a regular basis; however, this is the selection I'm using at the moment. I'll be sure to post an update when I've switch my products around!

   There's no doubt that I've mentioned Origins' Modern Friction before in a favourites video, as it's a product that I've been loving for quite some time. This is perfect for rigorous exfoliation, which I've discovered that I should only do once a week, due to my unfortunately dry skin. Infused with lemon oil and vitamin C, Modern Friction makes skin feel super-soft and spectacularly clean.

   Another Origins product, the Clear Improvement charcoal mask is great for use directly after the exfoliator. It's perfect for clogged pores, and practically magnetises out any impurities. If you've got sensitive skin, it can sting ever so slightly, but otherwise it's a highly recommended product.

   This has to be one of my favourite products of all time! The Clinique Clarifying Lotion is one of those products that will work regardless of skin type. A friend recommended this to me, saying that it removed every last trace of dirt and makeup on her face - and she was 100% telling the truth; I tried it after thoroughly removing all my makeup with a cleanser, and I was actually amazed that it still found makeup on my face.

   Finally, the Hydra Zen moisturiser by Lancome is my current favourite moisturiser. I got given this by my sister, and it instantly replaced the one I was using at the time. It's not heavily scented, rather, it smells fresh and clean, and it doesn't feel sticky or ridiculously thick. It really sinks into the skin, but I do find that it needs a second application after a few hours if you're going bare-faced.

Friday, 7 March 2014

How To Be More Organised

   You start off a normal day; perhaps you go to work or school, perhaps you've got a day off. Any which way, you finish your daily routine and mandatory errands, and find yourself a bit lost. Maybe you're lacking a hobby, or maybe you've got way too much to do and don't know where to start (surprise 3rd option: you've got way too much to do and procrastinate until the last minute - we've all been there).

   It's hard to get the ball rolling when you know that you can leave tasks until the last minute and get away with it. But is the stress really worth it when all of a sudden the deadline's upon you and you're nowhere near finished? Is that feeling of 'procrastinator's regret' before you go to bed going to haunt you forever?

   Here's a few tips to avoid the stress, organise your time better and abolish that end of day 'I'm going nowhere' feeling.

1. Clear up the clutter.

   Before starting, get everything trivial out of the way, e.g. do the washing, clean your room, get in your PJs and grab a cup of tea. Completing all those little things you do on autopilot will clear the mind and let you concentrate on more important matters.

2. Make a to-do list.

   This is simple, but effective. To-do lists are a girl's best friend, because they allow you to distinguish between what you have and haven't done. 

   Write down everything you've got to do, and break it up into three lists: to-do today (for urgent activities), to-do this month (things that need to be done in the next few days) and to-do in future (for example, 'try that craft project I saw on YouTube'). By doing this, you'll save yourself a lot of confusion.

   Try noting your to-do lists in this quirky notebook from ASOS.

3. Get a planner.

   It's a clear fact that we all rely on technology to a degree where we don't know if our phone is a part of our hand or not. Desk planners are a great way to break away from this; rather than tap all of your dates into the tiny screen on your phone, why not have it all out in front of you to remind you what's going on? Having a clear, tangible calendar on your desk everyday will train your mind to note your important appointments, instead of relying on your phone to notify you.

   Paperchase do great desk planners, like this London Underground style one.

4. Make time for procrastination.

   If you've ever had homework, you'll know what procrastination is. And unfortunately, it can become a nasty habit; the internet somehow automatically becomes a huge place to explore, while your urgent tasks slip further and further away and, before you know it, your eyelids are drooping and you tell yourself that you can carry on with your task tomorrow, only to repeat the same process.

   If procrastination is your thing, perhaps make time specifically for procrastination. Half an hour before you begin your homework/report/project, set an alarm to tell you to get on with your work. Then allow your mind to wander for 30 minutes. When the alarm sounds, stop what you're doing and get on with it.

   If that doesn't work, try the top anti-procrastination app, 'Unstuck', which figures out what type of procrastinator you are and how to deal with it.

5. Make decisions.

   Beware those indecisive moments! When you're out with your friends and you're choosing between a Chinese restaurant or an Italian, close your eyes and make a snap decision. Never say the words, 'I don't mind', for fear that someone else might not like the decision you make - they should have made it first!

   You'll find that by making more decisions, you'll grow more confident with your organisation skills. Deciding which task is more important than another will make coordination a breeze!

Thursday, 6 March 2014

New Blog: Fashyn

   Image via Tumblr

   For a while, I've been pondering the idea of maintaining a second blog; one that stands alone as a fashion blog, rather than the truly happy mess of ideas that Art Style Love has become.

   My new blog, entitled 'Fashyn', will showcase my OOTDs like a personal style diary, while Art Style Love will continue to update with content such as art, lifestyle and beauty. The tone of Fashyn will be slightly more professional, but I'll still keep the down-to-earth side of me when writing for this blog, as I can't bear the thought of alienating anyone! As always, please let me know if there's anything specific you'd like me to review or write about, and I'll absolutely endeavor to meet your demands! I've really enjoyed building up this blog, and it's not going to stop any time soon. 

   I really hope you can find the time to follow Fashyn on Bloglovin' here, and let me know if you've followed me in the comments so I can personally thank you!


Tuesday, 4 March 2014

The Oscars 2014: Red Carpet Trends


Off-white, vanilla, cream, beige - the nudes took over the red carpet this awards season, with many stars opting for the colour, accompanied by pretty embellishments and waist-cinching silhouettes. These tones encompassed the spirit of SS14, appearing both glamorous and fresh at the same time.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic


The forever classic shade, black provided this year's ceremony with some edge. With the ability to look either elegant or punky with a simple change of accessories, these celebrities totally rocked their LBDs.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic


Bare shoulders proved popular, combined with a flowing side-do or sophisticated up-do. Stars accentuated their necklines with dazzling, close-to-the-throat necklaces or a stunning pair of drop-earrings.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic


Monday, 3 March 2014

Caroline Blomst for Deichmann Shoes

Background images c/o

   Swedish Blogger, fierce designer and one half of street-style blog Stockholm Street Style, Caroline Blomst, has struck gold with her SS14 capsule collection for European sportswear and shoewear retail giant, Deichmann! Blomst has worked with massive high street label, Zara, as well as Vogue and - so it's safe to say that this collection has been well thought-out and full of creative flair.

   The collection, featuring seven different styles of shoes, encompasses the ever-influential, minimalist style of Stockholm's fashion-scene, which focuses less on trend-led designs and more on wearable, classic pieces. Black features as the colour of choice, whilst the occasional splash of colour appears as an offset, adding a modern touch without compromising that coveted Scandi-appeal.

   Hot off the shelves today with a price range of £17.99 to £27.99, this makes the collection an absolute steal - especially considering Diechmann's associations with superstars Halle berry and Cindy Crawford!

See the collection here

   My personal favourite is the 'Lace-Up Trainer' (below). Trainers are finally having a moment within fashion, and these are the perfect pair to accompany a leather t-shirt dress and neon beanie á la Cara Delevingne. The pops of orange, blue and green accentuate the sport-luxe look of these shoes, while the super comfy soles add substance to style. Easy to slip on, these are the perfect on-the-go pair!

   I also spotted a stunning pair of monochrome, graphic print 'Loafers' (below). These were super chic and I could see them carrying through to the Summer, with the addition of some tailored shorts and collared tops.

   Not only are these loafers stylish, but they're also comfortable and practical - the flat heel makes them essential for a long commute or running errands! I imagine myself wearing these both casually and for workwear, as they're just so versatile.

   Let me know what you think of the collaboration, and your opinions on how you'd style these shoes! x

* This post contains PR samples
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