Thursday, 27 February 2014

Teapigs Review

   Though this isn't technically a food blog, I really wanted to talk about these teas from Teapigs, a UK based brand which offers quality, whole leaf tea with a difference. I'd been following Teapigs on Twitter for a while, and read reviews to make sure I was getting a quality product - aside from some pretty pretentious tea snobs, the write-up was definitely positive!

   Their teas come in twenty-one different flavours, not including their award-winning 'Matcha Green Tea' - which I have yet to try! Teapigs also use a biodegradable mesh temple instead of the usual circular paper teabag, which they claim infuses the tea properly. I didn't notice the extra infusing-power, but I'm really pleased that the teabag (and the rest of the packaging) is completely biodegradable.

   Usually I just drink whatever tea's available from the nearest cupboard, but lately I've been experimenting. I bought three packs of different tea from Teapigs that I'd never tried before, the first being their 'Chocolate Flake Tea' (a sweet, chocolately-flavoured assam tea), which you can see in the two photographs below. This was delicious, especially when taken with a tiny bit of honey!

   I also purchased two rooibus teas; one is a simple rooibus and honeybush blend, and the other is caramel-infused rooibus. They both tasted quite nutty and rich, bringing to mind that warm, exotic feel of rooibus's native country, South Africa. Both teas were delicious, and I'm super impressed!

   Teapigs also included a sample of their own chai-tea (below) with my package. Another tea I've never tried, this had the nostalgic scent and taste of Christmas spices - perfect for nights in during this spectacularly dreary February!

   Teapigs' teas are available in most flavours for £3.99 for a packet of 15 bags.

   Tell me what you think about their teas, if you've tried them before or if you're intending to!

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  1. Love tea! Unfortunately, I haven't had the chance to try these, but really enjoy nutty caramel flavored teas. Thanks for sharing!


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