Sunday, 9 February 2014

Kiko Patch Nail Lacquer

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   As a brand, Kiko are definitely one that I trust. I'm a huge fan of their products - especially their water eyeshadow! They're so innovative, and provide great quality products without the MAC or NARS price tag.

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   So naturally, I was optimistic about trying these 'Patch Nail Lacquers'.

   I'll just note that this is the first  time I've EVER used nail wraps (I know, I'm a little bit late). I'm in love with my nail polishes and nail art pens, so I never felt the need for them. Plus I've heard that they can be difficult to apply; so I didn't bother.

   These Kiko nail wraps came in a goodiebag which I received about two months ago, yet I hadn't got round to using them yet.

   In terms of application, they were fairly easy to apply. The instructions were clear: choose a nail size, remove the clear coating, apply nail wrap.

   They also fit my nail shape well - bar one, which I applied ever so slightly too far over my cuticle!

   Overall, I was pleased with how they looked (although I, personally, don't reckon I suit neon-coloured nails).

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   However, they began to peel away and rip after only an hour of wear.

   I'd like to state that I don't do any manual labour, I'm not a gardener and I don't sculpt clay, so my hands are only subjected to general, everyday activities. Yet these nail wraps wore away like I had used a scouring pad on them.

   After twelve hours, I refused to go out with them on, and subsequently took them off with nail polish remover.

   Overall, I'm really, REALLY, not impressed with these. Although they're only £5.90, I'd definitely spend extra to buy higher quality wraps from Essie or similar brands.

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  1. I've tried doing the sticker nails, and I just can't do it for the life of me! At least one or two get messed up somehow ahaha Oh well...they look lovely on you (:
    ~Makaela at


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