Monday, 6 January 2014

Perfume Collection: Favourite Scents

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   Over the years I amass bottles and bottles of fragrances, some of which I'm in love with, some which I regret buying (i.e. Lacoste 'Touch Of Pink' - definitely not my scent). I've collected a handful of lovely perfumes that have been my staples lately: a plethora of girly, flowery and sultry smells that can instantly brighten my day, or prepare me for a night out with my girls.

   The first is 'La Petite Robe Noire' by Guerlain. I bought this very recently in the January sales (you might've seen me talk about it in my latest haul video). This is such a deep, sensual fragrance; it's not hard to feel a little bit sexy when you spray this on! It's a unique mix of rose, black cherry, almond and licorice, and the bottle reminds me of a little French armoire.

   The next scent is a fragrance brought out by Gwen Stefani back in 2008 called 'Harajuku Lovers'. This comes in four different styles, with little figures on top. I bought the style 'G', which includes Summery notes of mandarin, coconut, apple and magnolia, among others.

   For my birthday last year, my boyfriend treated me to Marc Jacobs 'Honey', a beautiful, light scent in a gorgeously quirky bottle. Like most of Marc Jacobs' other perfumes, the bottle is adorned with little embellishments - in this case, faux pearls with bumblebee wings. The scent itself includes honeysuckle, pear, apricot, mandarin and golden vanilla.

   My sister introduced my to Vera Wang's 'Princess' when I was younger, and I've always wore this scent since. It's a fun, girly fragrance with essences of guava, waterlily, vanilla, amber and dark chocolate, and the bottle is shaped like a delicate heart. It also features a wearable gold-coloured ring, which I never actually wore, but I thought it was cute. I must admit, I've only tried a couple of Vera Wag's other perfumes, but this is the only one I like.

   My final favourite fragrance from my personal collection is NYC by Sarah Jessica Parker, emerging from my ever-lasting love of sickly sweet perfumes. This fun scent has tones of strawberry and gardenia, and the bottle screams Sex & the City. I was totally in love with this when I bought it, and I still am now! 



  1. I so so want to try the Marc Jacobs *Honey* myself....def going to try/buy soon.

    1. It's really lovely if you're into light, Summery scents :)
      Thanks so much for commenting!

      Much love,
      Jennifer x

  2. I tried Honey by Marc Jacobs recently and really regret not picking it up!! The packaging is so adorable, I might just have to treat myself sometime soon haha :) x

  3. The Mac Jacobs Honey looks so amazing and cute <3


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