Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Student's Guide to Makeup Brushes

   As a student, I know the importance of counting the pennies. My January spending ban is going well - incredulously, I've only spent money on stamps this week (goddamn 60p stamps, no wonder writing letters has become a such a novelty) - but I'm feeling the shopping-pangs in a huge way. It doesn't help that Missguided are constantly sending me emails full of deliciously tempting goodies at half price. The January sales are my undisputed enemy right now.

   A few fellow students have asked me about cheap, quality makeup brushes, so I decided to put together a post of my favourite brushes under £15 to help those of you on a budget!

   I've bought a fair few high-end brushes which I've been very impressed with. I trust brands like Bobbi Brown and MAC to provide very high quality bristles that don't fall out, and that distribute product evenly without build-up; however, once I'd discovered that brands such as Real Techniques do the exact same thing for half the price, it was an easy decision to convert.


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