Saturday, 31 August 2013

OOTD - Sage

001 005

   ASOS is my go-to site for sunglasses; even when the Summer is fading and the light is slowly drawing in, I somehow bought three pairs in one go.

   My favourite pair are the monochrome, hexagonal-shaped beauties you see above. I was parading my little ASOS haul in front of my sister, and when I brought these out, she didn't seem too keen. However, I adore them! I think they'd go perfect with leather trousers, a white silk shirt and black blazer (next outfit idea), and they're so different from my usual wayfarer/clubmaster style.

   Today I've paired them with a more laid back look: a collared shirt, formal style joggers and neon heels. Has sports-luxe gone out of fashion?? I don't think it should - I'm too comfortable in these joggers to take them off.

1. Sunglasses by ASOS
2. Earrings by Dorothy Perkins
3. Collared Top by New Look
4. Formal Joggers by ASOS Petite at ASOS
5. Neon Heels by Boohoo

Thursday, 29 August 2013

OOTD - Mila

   I've got a thing for names ending with 'la' at the moment, perhaps because they're fun to say, and it kinda makes you sound like you're singing it. So this look is called 'Mila' - shot on another beautiful, incredibly sun-drenched afternoon. Hope you've all been enjoying the weather!

   A few of the pieces in this outfit are from ASOS, due to the fact that I waited until the very end of the ASOS Summer sale, when the final reductions were taking place, to pounce and purchase practically everything on their site.

   I'm in the process of producing an ASOS haul vlog, which I'll post on here in a couple of days - in the mean time, I hope you enjoy the photos for this outfit, and enjoy the coming weekend (it's Friday tomorrow!).

Mila 3 Mila 2 Mila 1

1. Sunglasses by ASOS
2. Lace Top by New Look
3. Skirt by ASOS
4. Shoes by Boohoo
5. Gold Bracelet by ASOS
6. Watch by River Island
7. Clutch from eBay

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Sleek MakeUP: Pout Paint

Pout Paint 2

   These are two shades of Pout Paint from Sleek MakeUP, a brand which I have heard of, but haven't come across any of their products while out shopping. I'm  actually disappointed that I hadn't come across these sooner - they're one lip product I won't be living without.

   The Pout Paints are an effective lip stain that you can paint on with your finger, or with a lip brush. They are thick and highly pigmented, and you can control the strength of the shade by the amount of product you use (meaning you can also control how long the product lasts).

   At £4.99 per 8ml, these are a steal for their quality. I recommend the shade 'Minx', as it's a gorgeous, versatile colour suitable for many skin tones.

   For more info, watch the video below!

Pout Paint 1


Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Summer Tribal Nail Art

Summer Tribal Nail Art

   Our last bank holiday weekend of the year has passed - hope you all had a great time! I spent my Sunday dressed up as Pocahontas at a fancy dress BBQ, and my character inspired me to create this tribal design, amped up by some bright, Summery colours to mirror the beautiful weather we've been having.

   This is a really basic design, so if you're a beginner, this is definitely one to try.

   Check out the video below, and make sure to tell me what you think! I'm really looking to improve my vlogging, so if you have any suggestions about ways I could alter my style, please let me know!


Saturday, 24 August 2013

OOTD - Isla


   I recently came across a new lookbook-style website called 'STYLIGHT', on which you can create outfit collages which include photos, music, videos and other little widgets - so useful if you want to give your followers more of an idea as to what emotions or atmosphere you're trying to convey with your outfit.

   Alongside this, you can browse through different looks from hundreds of bloggers and style junkies all across Europe (though I do get jealous of all their stunning outfits).

   To give you an example of what you can do with STYLIGHT, here's my page for this outfit. Tell me what you think!

1. Top - New Look
2. Earrings - Dorothy Perkins
3. Skirt - River Island
4. Shoes - Boohoo
5. Ring - New Look


Friday, 23 August 2013

Anatomicals Facial Spritz

Spray misty for me

   Not only is Anatomicals one of my favourite cosmetics brands because of their quirky packaging and witty catchphrasing (they must have one of the funnest creative teams), it's also down to the reason that their products are just so damn good. One of those products in particular is the 'Spray Misty For Me' Facial Spritz, which sprays onto the skin to cool you down.

   We can't complain, aside from one or two rainy days and no apparent hosepipe bans, this Summer has been great so far. We've had several weeks of sunshine, some scorching bank holidays and definitely enough daylight for a few evening BBQs.

   However, it's been a struggle working in a building with no air conditioning (I'm petitioning for at least four more fans), having to wear non-revealing, professional clothing and watching as the rest of the population swan past the high street to spend their Saturdays at the beach.

   So imagine my gratitude when I discover that Anatomicals has a Facial Spritz - one spray is enough to wake me up from afternoon lethargy, keep my makeup pristine and moisturised, and cool me down, allowing me to stop at least one area of my skin from generating a glistening patch of sweat.

   It smells oh so subtly of lavender, with a hint of witch hazel, which is not in the slightest bit overpowering - in fact it's really pleasant and it doesn't linger; perfect as I'm not keen on smelling like potpouri.

   My face thanks Anatomicals for a practical and innovative product - and for only £6.00, my purse thanks you too!

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Comic Strip Nail Art

Comic Strip Nail Art

   Recently I bought several Barry M Nail Art Pens and I decided to play around with a bit of quirky nail art. 

   I tried out a comic book style design which was actually so easy to create! It's a fun, bright design which you can do really quickly with nail art pens, a bold base colour and a base/topcoat. For the tutorial, watch the video below, and don't forget to tell me what you think or request a design for me to do!


Wednesday, 21 August 2013

AW13 Trends: A-line Skirts

   I've always been a fan of a-line skirts, partly because they accentuate a small waist and partly because they seem to have been engraved in fashion history. Since the dawn of fashion, the a-line cut has stayed an integral part of our wardrobes, simply because it can look stunning on any age, shape or size.

   At LFW earlier this year, Eudon Choi, Fashion East and Roksanda Illinic made a statement of this staple, taking a feminine silhouette and transforming it into an androgynous masterpiece using bulky tops and slicked up-dos.

   Here are a handful of this season's a-line skirts; add a simple tee and courts!

Winter Pastels


Tuesday, 20 August 2013

OOTD - Darcy

   I don't believe that anyone my age or older is unfamiliar with the concept of dungarees; when I was three I had pairs in almost every colour.

   Now, I'm introducing my wardrobe to the more grown-up version of this old favourite. With the reappearance of beloved 90s trends, this jumpsuit is so on-season - but its jet black colour and ponte style trouser legs lean more towards office chic than the baggy denim one-pieces as worn by the likes of TLC and The Fresh Prince.

   If you want to see my collective haul from Boohoo, featuring these dungarees and other pieces, just scroll down to the video at the bottom of this post!

Darcy 3 Darcy 2 Darcy 1

3. Shoes


Monday, 19 August 2013

AW13 Trends: Winter Pastels

   Who said pastels are only for Spring? Quite the contrary, pastels bring a little bit of sunshine to those dull Winter days - which are steadily approaching. This AW13 we've seen Simone Rocha, Carven and Chloe pluck out the candy pinks and baby blues for their collection - dress it up with a heavy smokey eye and a slicked-back ponytail for a glamorous Winter look.

   Here are nine pieces of clothing so pastel-proud, you'll look like a walking Bassett's Allsort:

Winter Pastels


Sunday, 18 August 2013

NYX Lipsticks from 123 Hair & Beauty


   Earlier this week, I was looking through various YouTube beauty reviews, with the aim of finding some interesting lipsticks to purchase before it becomes Winter and my lips begin their annual transformation into filo pastry. 

   I noticed a few vloggers mentioning the quality and affordable price of NYX Lipsticks, so I thought I'd pop along to 123 Hair & Beauty to explore their range.

   NYX aren't overly available in the UK, with Urban Outfitters currently being the only high street stockist. And it's not like, living in the countryside, I can simply hop over to my local Urban Outfitters. However, their affordable products, ranging from nail polish to false eyelashes, are available from various online retailers.

   There are 27 shades of NYX Lipstick to choose from on the 123 Hair & Beauty website - I picked Pumpkin Pie, a lovely beige-coral colour, and Chloe, a shimmery hot pink tone. Below are photographs of the swatches:


   These lipsticks are really soft - they practically melt onto your lips (I like my lipsticks a bit more solid, so I'd recommend popping them in the fridge for an hour to harden them) - however they're really highly pigmented and look great on!

   Though the description states that these lipsticks are smudgeproof, I found that when I was drinking a lot rubbed off on the glass. This was a bit disappointing as it means that I'm going to get through these products quite quickly, however they were only  £3.50 each so it's not a huge disaster.

   I like the packaging, it's simple and the cap clicks on securely. The clear bottom section makes it easier to identify which colour you're putting on - always handy in the morning rush - and the black and white design is clear and easy to read.

   After trying out NYX's standard lipsticks, I'd really like to see how their matt lippies fare, as I'm thinking that matt will rub off less when I'm eating and drinking.

   123 Hair & Beauty stocks so many different beauty brands, from Benefit to Yves Saint Laurent, at discounted prices. They're also hosting a huge 70% off sale with prices starting from £4.00, plus free UK delivery!

Friday, 16 August 2013

Three of the Best: This Season's Perfumes

   This season has seen a flurry of flowery, sweet scents, including Prada Candy, Clinique Happy in Bloom and the oh so popular Marc Jacobs Daisy range. I'm definitely attracted to floral scents, especially for Spring and Summer as they're so light and fresh, unlike Winter's more heavy, spicy and seductive notes.

   Another great feature about Spring/Summer scents is the creativity and innovation put into designing the packaging. Often we see brighter colours, sleeker shapes and more embellishment with both the bottles and the caps. These elements of design are particularly associated with the three brands illustrated below.

   I've picked three of my favourite fragrances from this year so far - tell me what you think, and if you have any favourites you'd like to share! 
Marc Jacobs Honey

   It can be said that Marc Jacobs has conquered the perfume market, alongside the highly successful 'Daisy' range (as previously mentioned), Oh, Lola! and Dot, they've very recently introduced Honey - which received an incredible amount of hype prior to its release date.

   With a bottle that mimics its sister fragrances, Honey is a juicy mix of peach, mandarin, pear and, of course, honey. Despite the fusion of saccharine flavours, Honey is far from sickly sweet - it has the warmth of Summer without being too heavy.

Vera Wang be Jewelled 

   Vera Wang's Princess was my first ever 'grown-up' perfume. I fell in love with its exotic, tart aromas and heart-shaped bottle, however it lacked the sophistication of other perfumes. 

   Enter Be Jewelled, with a blend of pomegranate, passion fruit, red currants, sandalwood, pink peony and champagne. Yes, champagne - what could be more glamorous?! This fragrance is fun and girly infused with elegance and class.

   The bottle is almost as unique as Princess, without the added extra of wearable rings. It features jewels adorning the neck, making this perfume one to show off on your dressing table.


   Inspired by the 30th anniversary of the Guess brand, Guess Girl was released early this year.

   Its fruity notes of raspberry, melon and bergamot scream sweet and girly, while floral tones of orchid, acacia and lily suggest a more seductive side. Sandalwood and vanilla round off this superb scent concocted by distinguished perfumer Laurent Le Guernec.

   I particularly love this unfussy packaging. A sleek, tied ribbon and floral cap represent the magic of simplicity.

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

OOTD - Rylie

Rylie 4

   A recent splurge at Boohoo meant some new additions to my wardrobe, including this laddered back playsuit which is so festival-friendly, it's unreal. It's made with a really soft jersey fabric and has a gorgeous marble-type effect which brings a punky edge to the grey.

Rylie 3

   I paired it with my Jessica Simpson heels, which are now on sale at Debenhams for a ridiculously low price of £29.00 - grrr - plus a black and gold necklace, also from Boohoo, and lastly a pair of aviators that I purchased at The Clothes Show (similar here).

Rylie 2

   So, maybe the heels aren't the most practical footwear for, say, the muddy fields of Glastonbury, but you could always swap these for a pair of wellies and be on your way. The great thing about playsuits is that they're versatile, and very easy to dress up or down.

Rylie 1

   Tell me what you think! What's your perfect festival outfit?


Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Makeup Cleansers: Shu Uemura VS Bourjois

   Makeup cleansers are an essential part of your beauty routine, because it goes without saying that you should take your makeup off before you go to sleep. I used to have a friend that slept in her makeup, before caking more on the next day - it wasn't long before her skin became horrifyingly acne-prone and blotchy.

   Today I'm reviewing two cleansers that I've been testing for a while: the first is Shu Uemura's high performance balancing cleansing oil which has received so much hype since it arrived on the shelves, and the second is Bourjois' express eye makeup remover.

Makeup Remover 2

   Shu Uemura's much reviewed cleansers comprise of a line of six different oils. I'm reviewing the classic oil, which includes a balanced formula - perfect for those of you with sensitive skin.

   To use this oil, you rub three to four pumps into your palms and massage into your skin, paying special attention to your eyelashes to ensure all mascara is removed. After this, you'd clean your face with water to remove all the residue.

   I really didn't like this process. First of all, I severely dislike touching my face with my hands, let alone with makeup on. The oil removed the makeup well, but I was desperate to wash it off my face as it felt awful having oily makeup all over my hands and face. I recommend using this during a shower, as it can drip if you're not careful. 

   After washing it off, however, my skin felt so soft and moisturised. The best thing about these oils is that they don't feel like they're stripping away at your skin - they only add to its moisture.

   With prices starting from £29.50, these aren't the cheapest products in the line of makeup removers. But if you are in search of an effective, moisturising cleanser for sensitive skin, this is definitely for you.

Makeup Remover 1

   Bourjois' express eye makeup remove claims that its formula is non-oily, however this is not the case. There seems to be an imbalance in the composition of the solution, with more oil than cleanser. This makes the product very oily once you've got it down to the last few millimetres. 

   Secondly, it's a hassle to keep shaking it after every application. I find that I have to quickly apply it to a cotton pad before it starts separating again.

   In comparison to the Shu Uemura cleansing oil, Bourjois' packaging is impractical; I've spilled it twice since I began using it, whereas Shu Uemura's pump action is much easier to use and doesn't let the product spill if you accidentally knock it over.

   In terms of efficiency, yes, it does what it says on the tin: removes makeup. However, it does not have the benefits of Shu Uemura's moisturising formula and, overall, it's very average as a product. On the other hand, at £4.99 you can't go wrong if you're looking for a simple product that removes makeup easily.

   Have you got a favourite makeup remover? Tell me what you think about these products, or your experiences if you have used them, int he comments below.

Monday, 12 August 2013

DIY Festival Bracelets

   Festival clothing is all about showing off your uniqueness with bright colours, loud prints and embellishment. Creating your own accessories is a fun and inexpensive way of displaying your individuality and helping you get festival-ready.

   One way of putting your own spin on your clothing is to tie-dye it. For this post, I'm going to show you a way to create your own festival bracelet using Dylon fabric dye.

Tie Dye 001

   The dye I'm using is Dylon's Burlesque Red which I bagged from The Vintage Set Festival in late July. I had a few pieces of spare plain white fabric from a previous customisation project which I simply crunched into balls and tied in random places with hair ties (though I would recommend using rubber bands if you inted to create a bolder look). This should create a marbled effect on the fabric rather than the usual circle pattern.

Tie Dye 004

   To prepare the dye, I poured a quarter of the powder in the packet, one tablespoon of salt and around 200ml of warm water into a bucket. I then soaked the tied up fabric in water before placing it into the dye. As instructed, I stirred the fabric in the dye continuously for 15 minutes, then at regular intervals for 45 minutes after that.

Tie Dye 005

   After pouring out the dye, I rinsed the fabric until the water ran clear, removed the ties and left it to dry on an airer.

Tie Dye 068

   After it had dried, I cut the fabric into strips to create my bracelets. With the first bracelet (above, left), I simply wrapped a strip of fabric around my wrist and tied it. However with the second bracelet, I used three strips to create a plait.

   I accessorised it with a vintage silver horseshoe brooch that I bought earlier this year. 

   If you want to try this but you're unsure of how to use Dylon dyes, take a little look at the video below!

   Have you ever tie-dyed before? Tell me what you think in the comments below! 

Friday, 9 August 2013

Designer Jewellery: Treasure Box

   Having worked with jewellery for almost three years now, I'm beginning to pick up on both new, must-have trends and classic, traditional favourites, so much so that my own taste in jewellery has changed so much from when I first started out. 

   I've learned to appreciate quality and can spot a good design when I see one, so I'm always scouring the internet for sites which stock the latest designs from new and established brands.

   Treasure Box is an online outlet stocking some of my favourite brands of jewellery and giftware, from Bombay Duck's pretty tea sets and cake stands to Lola Rose's pastel-coloured necklaces and horse-print umbrellas. Here you can seek out unique pieces to suit your tastes, like this gorgeous hot air balloon ring which is part of Treasure Box's own line of jewellery (left).

   As a plus, the site's offering a 10% discount for each customer's first order, plus free delivery if you spend over £10 - which isn't hard considering the amount of beautiful goodies they stock!

   Treasure Box are currently holding a clearance sale, with pieces from Jolie Bijoux, Ted Baker and Disney Couture starting from as little as £4.00!

   This cute little Jolie Bijoux Frog Ring (below) is available to purchase at £5.00! Perfect if you're in a 'Princess and the Frog' kinda mood.

   Whimsical and fairytale jewellery aside, Treasure Box also stocks a plethora of fine jewellery, including gold and silver plated items, as well as pieces laden with crystals and real gem stones.

   I definitely recommend taking a look if you love your jewellery as much as me - leave me a comment below if there are any statement costume pieces or subtle fine jewellery you've found or purchased that you adore!

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Little White Lie: Tanning Lotion

Little White Lie

   We Brits secretly love a sleek, subtle fake tan, so it's vital to find a decent contender in the tanning product category.

   My latest discovery is Makebelieve's Little White Lie Tanning Lotion. I'm so into lotions instead of the full-on fake tan, as it's easier to apply, it looks really discreet and it doesn't streak. Despite their controversial, but rather catchy, advert (see below), I think Makebelieve's brand looks appealing and, by the looks of it, stocks a vast range of products related to self-tanning - so there's plenty to pick from!

   This is a white lotion that goes on transparent and gets darker throughout the day. I applied it after a shower and, though I did see instant results, it only got slightly darker after a few hours, so I assume that it's more of a gradual tan that becomes darker through continuous usage.

   Like most products of this category, it has a slight biscuity scent on top of the expected lotion-smell, though this is not off putting.

   I noticed that it sank into my skin rather well when applied with a mitt, and didn't leave too much of a sticky feel like other tanning lotions I've tried.

   On the whole I'd say this is a great product from beginners, or those who prefer a more subtle tan! Boots currently sell this for £14.99, however they're doing a half price deal on selected Little White Lie self-tan.

Tan Your Moves - Makebelieve's Little White Lie Tanning Lotion ad


Wednesday, 7 August 2013

New Video: My Current Favourite Beauty Products

   I haven't created a video in a long time, as I've been waiting to purchase a new camera, but in the mean time I thought I'd produce a short video about my favourite beauty products that I'm currently using just so I keep the creative juices flowing!

   Hope you enjoy, please leave me a comment below!

Tweezerman Eyelash Curler:
Benefit They're Real! Mascara:
Clinique Clarifying Lotion:
Bourjois Cream Blush:
Paul Mitchell Hot Off the Press:

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Hair Supply: Hask


   It's quite certain that we all know about the miracle that is argan oil. I've used it for half a year and it makes my hair feel a lot smoother and easier to brush.

   For a few weeks I've been switching from my normal Moroccan Oil to a new brand called Hask. They specialise in haircare products with natural ingredients, including argan oil, avocado and placenta. Yes, placenta.

   I was a bit shocked to read that too, but don't worry, it's not human. It's cow. And apparently it's great for your hair, with a key ingredient of hyaluronic acid which is a rich, natural moisturiser.

   I've used three of their hair oils so far: the Macadamia Oil, the Argan Oil and the Keratin Protein. They all feel the same and have a similar effect when applied through damp hair, however despite their lack of difference, I enjoyed using them.

   Each of the products are fragranced with perfume. The Macadamia Oil has a warm, caramel smell, the Argan Oil almost reminds me of a Terry's Chocolate Orange and a whiff of the Keratin Protein brings to mind shampoo.

   Efficiency wise, the oils are easy as ever to use and create a silky, soft effect when applied everywhere but the roots (here, the product seems to collect and create a greasy look). The downside? As far as I know, they're only available abroad. You can probably purchase online if you're dreadfully desperate, however I wouldn't recommend going to great lengths for this product when you can buy similar products at your local Boots.

Monday, 5 August 2013

Nail Polish Favourites: Shades of Berry


   Berry shade clothing might be so two seasons ago, but nail art is at its climax, with new effects and precision nail art polishes arriving in stores every week.

   However, every design must have a base, and my favourites to use are berry shades: pinks, purples and reds. They're bold enough to make nail art stand out... plus they're just really pretty.

   In the photograph above, I've used four shades from Barry M: Pink Silver Glitter, Shocking Pink, Bright Purple and Raspberry.

   What're your favourite colours to use on your nails? Any colours that you avoid?

Saturday, 3 August 2013

All Time Favourites: Bourjois Cream Blush

Bourjois Blush 2

   In all honesty, I haven't purchased enough cream blushers to be able to compare them. However, Bourjois' Cream Blush in Healthy Glow must be one of my favourite make up products I've used to date.

   It comes in compact-style packaging and has a handy, good quality mirror in the lid - though I must admit I hardly ever use it.

   The product itself is subtle in pigment, accentuating the description 'Healthy Glow', which implies a softer look rather than an obvious application of blush. Colour-wise, it's a warm, apricot, which I had been searching around for weeks to find. I think I prefer this tone in the Summer to my usual pink, rosy-cheek blush, as it gives the illusion of a more sun-kissed appearance.

   Application is fool-proof due to the aforementioned subtle pigment. Simply layer the blush until you feel you've reached a suitable shade for your skin colour.

   This is available from Boots for £7.99.

Bourjois Blush 1
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