Wednesday, 4 December 2013

OOTD - Emilia


Leather Jacket - Glamorous
T-shirt - AX Paris
Necklace - River Island
Trousers - River Island (Similar here)
Shoes - Topshop

   Last month, in a conversation with my sister, I stated that I really dislike tartan and that I'd never get into the trend. In that moment, I set myself up for failure as, since that conversation, I've acquired precisely five tartan items of clothing (which I love, and am constantly wearing): some socks, a scarf, a dress, a playsuit and these trousers. I've even decorated my Christmas tree with tartan baubles, bought some tartan ribbon to wrap my presents with and, just today, I bought some delightful tartan material to create bunting. I wore tartan to my family photoshoot, have a tartan blanket on my bed, and my littlest dog wears an adorable tartan coat.

   I do say stupid things sometimes, which I regret. I haven't lived it down yet either; my sister keeps reminding me every time she sees me wearing tartan. 

   So, overall, I'm into tartan in a big way. And, in fact, I'll be quite sad when SS14 comes along and classes it 'out of fashion'. Then I suppose I'll find another trend to reject, and later don with pride.

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