Monday, 23 December 2013

Monki Wishlist

   I'm pretty in love with this brand at the moment. I'm one of those girls who wishes she could pull of minimalist Scandi style, but doesn't quite hit the mark. 

   To be honest, the only way for me to pull this style off would be to clear out my whole wardrobe and refill it with clothing comprised of clean lines, block colours and structured tailoring, because nothing I currently own would work with it.

   So, if this were ever to happen, here are a few of my favourite Monki items that I'd definitely get my hands on:

1. Florence Dress £30
2. Hama Skirt £25
3. Miracle Purse £8
4. Mimmi Lace Top £12
5. Sage Blouse £20
6. Bo Knitted Top £20
7. Lucy Lace Bra £10
8. Lana Blazer £50
9. Dotte Velvet Skirt £8
10. Ronda Bra Aurora £12
11. Tamara Knitted Top Foil £35
12. Miracle Purse £8


  1. Replies
    1. Glad you like :) Monki's such a great brand!

      Much love,
      Jennifer x


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