Monday, 7 October 2013

Jacava Nail Polish

Jacava 2

   My dad has a huge disliking for the smell of nail polish, so much so that I've found myself hiding when painting my nails so that I don't cause an argument. 

   My nail polish collection stretches to at least over fifty - all of them have that unbearable chemical smell, apart from the Models Own scented polishes, however the colours in the scented range aren't overly expansive.

   I came across Jacava, a British company that creates nail polish free from the big eight, which are: DBP and Phthalates (plasticisers), camphor and formaldehyde (commonly used for embalming), toluene (a solvent), cellophane, parabens (preservatives) and animal ingredients. The majority of these chemicals are still used by many beauty brands today, however companies are beginning to find ways to work without them.

   The fact that Jacava bypasses using the 'big eight' by substituting them for natural and alternative ingredients, means that their polishes lack that distinctive 'nail polish smell' - which, in turn means that I don't have to paint my nails in secret!

   The packaging is another notable point, with its long, easy to handle wand that sits in just the right place between your fingers for controlled application. They have also designed the brush to reach right to the bottom of the bottle in order to reach every last drop of nail polish - money saver!

   In terms of effectiveness, the polish is easy to apply, dries incredibly quickly and becomes opaque after two coats. In the photograph above, I display their 'City Heights' shade: a versatile, grey-purple tone. Jacava advertises their nail polish as 'long lasting' and 'high gloss' but, while I would agree that it's very glossy, it began to chip almost straight away (even with the application of their top coat). I was so disappointed with this, as it meant that all of the other features were irrelevant (I CANNOT bear chipped nail polish - it's one thing I just can't stand).

   Jacava make it clear that they are marketing themselves as a luxury brand, evident in the 22 carat gold writing that illustrates their logo on the bottle. To me, this is a pointless feature of the design - I wouldn't have known that it was real gold if I hadn't been told. When it comes to nail polish, all I need to know is whether the product is safe and effective.

   At £14.50 from and, it's definitely a higher range product. I'm pleased with the opacity, the lack of smell and the quick drying formula, however, the chipping I experienced undid all of that magic and, unfortunately, it has not proven it's worth.

* This post contains PR samples

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