Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Bath-time Bliss

   The novelty of 'back-to-school' outfit posts has worn off, and university has returned with a vengeance. Fully entrenched in studying Shakespeare, 17th Century Poets and Critical Theory, I've had my head in my books long enough to forget what it's like to relax.

   I decided that a small break from my studies wouldn't hurt, and decided to have a long, relaxing bath to momentarily forget about the tangled web of terminology and theorists currently residing in my brain.

   Soap & Glory's 'Clean on Me' is my standard body wash - it smells lovely and you get a great amount of product for the price. In the Winter, I use Dove's 'Silk Glow' body wash, as it's so gentle, and great for sensitive, dry skin.

   I'm currently switching between Aussie's 'Miracle Shine' treatment and their '3 Minute Miracle' reconstruction deep conditioner. I've found that their products work so well on my hair, and aren't as abrasive as some other shampoos/conditioners (I previously used Herbal Essences, which smelled amazing, but took its toll on my scalp).

   A huge fan of bath bombs, I got given this one from Miss Patisserie on my birthday. It's shaped like a cupcake, which you place in the bath until the bottom fizzes away, then you can use the top as an exfoliator. It smells of roses, and deposits little sparkly bits into the water.

   As my hair's so long, it can appear damaged in between trims, meaning that I have to use deep moisturising treatments every once in a while to keep it shiny and strong. I've tried several samples of this kind of product, but Macadamia seems to work best on me. Their 'Deep Repair Masque' is so intensive that it can only be used once or twice a week, but it works really well in moisturising my hair. I'm definitely investing in a full bottle.

   What're your favourite 'me-time' products?


  1. You've made me want to go have a nice hot bath now and that cupcake bath bomb looks amazing, I'm having a look on their website now!


    1. I feel totally relaxed now haha! :) Definitely recommend!

      Much love,
      Jennifer x


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