Wednesday, 30 October 2013

OOTD - Roni


   While the weather lasts, I'm desperately trying to get in some short-sleeved blouses for outfit posts - as I hate covering up my arms (I feel so restricted!). 

   Today I wore a semi-sheer, navy blouse with gorgeous floral embellishment on the back, from Zara. I thought it looked stunning with a lacy, black bralet just peeking through, and went perfectly with the white leather jacket I got for my birthday - which I'm having trouble styling at the moment. If anyone has a great idea on what to pair with a white leather jacket, please let me know!

   Finally I thought I'd pop on my mint courts from Topshop, to offset the navy blouse and black trousers.

   I'd like to call this 'workwear', however I doubt I'd wear it to - it's too nice.

Blouse by Zara
Leather Jacket by River Island
Trousers by River Island
Shoes by Topshop

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Garnier BB Cream Miracle Skin Perfector Eye Roll-On

Garnier B Cream 1

   Hope you all like the quick sketch I did above - I thought this review needed a bit of art thrown into it. Let me know if you'd like to see more of these!

Garnier B Cream 4

   This is a review of Garnier's BB Cream Miracle Skin Perfector Eye Roll-On (which is a huge mouthful, and even more of a nuisance to type).

   It's a concealer in the form of a BB Cream, developed for use under the eye - however it works just as well in other areas in which you would normally apply concealer. This is a fairly new product from Garnier, however it moves on from their popular 2-in-1 Caffeine Roll On, in that both products share the same application technique, and both are meant to 'wake up' the eye area.

   The pros of this eye-roll on are: it's easy to handle; it has a cold, silver ball which wakes up the area when applied to the skin; it's light, which is great for Summer, or if you're looking for a more natural appearance; it evens out the skin tone, getting rid of any dark or grey shades.

   The cons are: it has very light coverage as it's a BB Cream; it has a shiny finish which could emphasise the appearance of dark circles without the use of a matt powder.

   For more opinions on this product and a demonstration, check out the video below!

Garnier B Cream 3
Garnier B Cream 2


This product is available to buy from Boots at £9.99 - it comes in two shades: light or medium.

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Halloween Nail Art Tutorial


   I've got so many nail art tutorials up my sleeve that it's become difficult to decide which one to post first - however, as Halloween is coming up, I thought you might need a little nailspiration for the big day!

   Here's an easy design featuring vampire teeth and skulls on alternating vampy red and black backgrounds.

   The products I've used in this video are:

Barry M All In One Polish
Avon Speed Dry in Vamp It (similar here)


Thursday, 24 October 2013

OOTD - Shelly


   Weirdly, it's not even chilly where I live yet! I can still get away with ditching the tights and throwing on an above-the-knee dress. 

   In today's Outfit of the Day, I'm wearing a chevron-print shift dress from Zara, which I purchased while I was in London attending Company Magazine's Beauty Forum. I adore this silhouette at the moment - it's so elegant and easy to wear with a simple pair of heels for a chic day or night look.

   I'm also wearing my suede, pointed courts from Topshop, drop earrings from Forever 21 and a watch from River Island.

   What do you think of this look? Can you still get away with not wearing tights where you live?

Company Beauty Forum


   Company's Beauty Forum was a fun, informative evening held at London College of Fashion - including hair styling demonstrations by Lee Stafford, eyebrow threading (which looked incredibly painful, but the results were excellent!) by iBrows Etc, false lashes by The Vintage Cosmetic Company, and makeovers by high street makeup giant, Bourjois.


   We got to talk to some incredibly enthusiastic industry pros in a Q&A session, including Victoria White (Company's editor), Fleur from 'Fleur de Force', Lily Pebbles from 'What I Heart Today', Lisa Potter-Dixon from Benefit, Nathalie Eleni from Venus and Braun, Rachael Houghton from Bourjois, Sophie Quesreshi (Company's Beauty Director), and hair dresser and entrepreneur, Lee Stafford.

   I also met Natalie Lukaitis in person, a beauty assistant at Company who makes great 'beauty edit' videos on the Company YouTube channel alongside Holly Rains! 



   I had a great time (possibly partly fueled by the free bubbly), and I learned so much about the beauty industry - an area that I'd really love to know more about!

   Check out the video below for more of my thoughts on the night, and a breakdown of the goodybag we received!


Tuesday, 22 October 2013

October Fashion Haul Video: Topshop, River Island & More!

fashon haul


Monday, 21 October 2013

OOTD - Azealia

Azealia 2
Azealia 1

Hat by Republic
Jumper Dress by Choies
Tights by Primark
Boots by New Look
Earrings by Topshop

Thursday, 17 October 2013

October 2013 Favourites

October Favourites 2
October Favourites 1

Apple & Cinnamon Candle from Homebase (similar here)
Natural Cotton Candle from Homebase (similar here)
LED Lights from Homebase

Body Scrub by Soap & Co
Deep Conditioner by Aussie
Night Cream by No 7
Mousse by VO5 (similar here)
Hair Serum by John Frieda


Tuesday, 15 October 2013

The Tuesday Wishlist

tuesday wishlist

Jeans by Topshop
Suede Boots by Missguided
Ring by Dixi
Diamond Bag by Motel
Holographic Litas by Jeffrey Campbell @ Motel
Bikini by Triangl Swimwear
Lilac Skirt by Lashes of London
Sunglasses by Choies
Necklace by Zara


Monday, 14 October 2013

The Bloggerview: Emily Divine

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

   East coast blogger and indie queen, Emily, is always pictured with a perfect red lip, toting quirky, whimsical accessories and, more often than not, clutching a cute, fluffy animal. She uploads to YouTube and has social networking down to a tee with Facebook and Twitter, but what else do we know about Emily Divine that we haven't seen from her blog?

1. First off, you always have perfect hair! Can you recommend any products to help us tame our manes?

   I did chuckle at this – I get cross at my hair on a daily basis for not doing as I’d like it to! My hair receives very little maintenance, I normally just give it a spray of dry shampoo and a brush and that’s about it!

2. You definitely have a unique style, with your love of vintage and indie brands - what's your inspiration for your outfit choices?

   That’s kind of you to say. I don’t pay much attention to trends - Quite simply, I wear what I like and what takes my fancy that very day. I think it’s best to always dress for yourself and yourself only, that way you’re always comfortable and happy!

3. Do you follow designer fashion? And if so, who are your favourite designers?

My favourite designer by far is Orla Kiely. All the pieces are completely 60’s inspired, just how I like it.

4. Earlier this year you did a shoot with Mod Dolly, an online stockist of alternative fashion brands. Are there any indie labels that you're a fan of?

   Absolutely! I adore indie brands. Mod Dolly, Miss Patina and Beauxoxo are just a few of many favourites.

5. Some bloggers say that living outside London is difficult, as there aren't as many opportunities; however, your recent photoshoot with high street giant, Miss Selfridge, shows you're bridging the gap between rural and metropolitan life. Any tips for bloggers living outside cities?

   I truly don’t think it matters a huge amount – you just have to make it work for you. I rarely attend events or go to press shows because of the travel involved, but as I’ve built up good relationships with many PR companies, they email or post me bits and bobs so I stay up to date that way. Opportunities come your way because of the quality of your blog, rather than where you live, remember!

6. Your blog has lots of stunning photographs of nature and urban life in your area, but you don't specifically mention where you live. What're your thoughts on keeping your privacy in the increasingly invasive world of the internet?

   As you said, the internet is hugely invasive! Having a blog means you put yourself out there for all to see, but I think it’s important to hold some things back. It’s not that I keep where I live a secret, if someone asked I’d tell them – I just don’t publicise it. I’ve mentioned on my blog that I live in a town in Suffolk and that’s about as much as I say – it’s not important for people to know exactly where I live. People see me out and about all the time and come and chat which I love though!

7. Us bloggers are always looking for ways to take a better picture. The photos on Emily Divine are great quality, and have warm, homely feel about them - what model of camera do you use? And do you have any advice on taking the perfect shot? 

   I use a Canon 600d with a variety of lenses. I don’t think a ‘pro’ camera is particularly important though when it comes to blogging, it’s all in the editing. My photos don’t come to life ‘til they’ve been given the Photoshop treatment.

8. What're your favourite things to do when you're not blogging?

   I love being outdoors and exploring – going for walks, visiting new places and going for cups of tea. I also really like going to see any sort of world cinema. Outside of blogging, I hate being online and I hate shopping. Strange huh? I guess being online and fashion is work for me, so it’s nice to completely switch off.

You can catch Emily on Twitter, Facebook and watch her fantastic videos on YouTube!

Emily's Blog:

Friday, 11 October 2013

OOTD - Dawn

Dawn 1
Dawn 2

Top - ASOS
Skirt - River Island
Shoes - H&M

Hair Tutorial: Voluminous Curls for Long Hair

   This is a quick tutorial on how to create big, voluminous curls for mid-to-long hair using straighteners (curling tongs can also be used to create the curls!). 

   This look takes approximately 45 - 60 minutes to create, depending on how much hair you have.

   If you prefer much tighter, bouncier curls, use smaller sections of hair when curling.


Wednesday, 9 October 2013

OOTD - Louisa

Louisa Sketch
Louisa 1
Louisa 2

Lakers Cap - Choies
Gold & Silver Necklace - Dorothy Perkins
Earrings - Primark
Dress - Topshop (Similar here)
Coat - H&M (Similar here)
Shoes - Boohoo
Bracelet - ASOS

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Bath-time Bliss

   The novelty of 'back-to-school' outfit posts has worn off, and university has returned with a vengeance. Fully entrenched in studying Shakespeare, 17th Century Poets and Critical Theory, I've had my head in my books long enough to forget what it's like to relax.

   I decided that a small break from my studies wouldn't hurt, and decided to have a long, relaxing bath to momentarily forget about the tangled web of terminology and theorists currently residing in my brain.

   Soap & Glory's 'Clean on Me' is my standard body wash - it smells lovely and you get a great amount of product for the price. In the Winter, I use Dove's 'Silk Glow' body wash, as it's so gentle, and great for sensitive, dry skin.

   I'm currently switching between Aussie's 'Miracle Shine' treatment and their '3 Minute Miracle' reconstruction deep conditioner. I've found that their products work so well on my hair, and aren't as abrasive as some other shampoos/conditioners (I previously used Herbal Essences, which smelled amazing, but took its toll on my scalp).

   A huge fan of bath bombs, I got given this one from Miss Patisserie on my birthday. It's shaped like a cupcake, which you place in the bath until the bottom fizzes away, then you can use the top as an exfoliator. It smells of roses, and deposits little sparkly bits into the water.

   As my hair's so long, it can appear damaged in between trims, meaning that I have to use deep moisturising treatments every once in a while to keep it shiny and strong. I've tried several samples of this kind of product, but Macadamia seems to work best on me. Their 'Deep Repair Masque' is so intensive that it can only be used once or twice a week, but it works really well in moisturising my hair. I'm definitely investing in a full bottle.

   What're your favourite 'me-time' products?

Monday, 7 October 2013

Jacava Nail Polish

Jacava 2

   My dad has a huge disliking for the smell of nail polish, so much so that I've found myself hiding when painting my nails so that I don't cause an argument. 

   My nail polish collection stretches to at least over fifty - all of them have that unbearable chemical smell, apart from the Models Own scented polishes, however the colours in the scented range aren't overly expansive.

   I came across Jacava, a British company that creates nail polish free from the big eight, which are: DBP and Phthalates (plasticisers), camphor and formaldehyde (commonly used for embalming), toluene (a solvent), cellophane, parabens (preservatives) and animal ingredients. The majority of these chemicals are still used by many beauty brands today, however companies are beginning to find ways to work without them.

   The fact that Jacava bypasses using the 'big eight' by substituting them for natural and alternative ingredients, means that their polishes lack that distinctive 'nail polish smell' - which, in turn means that I don't have to paint my nails in secret!

   The packaging is another notable point, with its long, easy to handle wand that sits in just the right place between your fingers for controlled application. They have also designed the brush to reach right to the bottom of the bottle in order to reach every last drop of nail polish - money saver!

   In terms of effectiveness, the polish is easy to apply, dries incredibly quickly and becomes opaque after two coats. In the photograph above, I display their 'City Heights' shade: a versatile, grey-purple tone. Jacava advertises their nail polish as 'long lasting' and 'high gloss' but, while I would agree that it's very glossy, it began to chip almost straight away (even with the application of their top coat). I was so disappointed with this, as it meant that all of the other features were irrelevant (I CANNOT bear chipped nail polish - it's one thing I just can't stand).

   Jacava make it clear that they are marketing themselves as a luxury brand, evident in the 22 carat gold writing that illustrates their logo on the bottle. To me, this is a pointless feature of the design - I wouldn't have known that it was real gold if I hadn't been told. When it comes to nail polish, all I need to know is whether the product is safe and effective.

   At £14.50 from and, it's definitely a higher range product. I'm pleased with the opacity, the lack of smell and the quick drying formula, however, the chipping I experienced undid all of that magic and, unfortunately, it has not proven it's worth.

* This post contains PR samples

Friday, 4 October 2013

OOTD - Olivia

Olivia 1
Olivia 3
Olivia 4

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

LFW in Illustrations Part 2

See 'part 1' here
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