Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs

Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs

 Every once in while I come across a product that I initially believe will be run of the mill and effective-but-not-extraordinary - then it turns out to be weirdly excellent. This is one of those products.

   The idea of leg makeup is an odd one; my legs aren't the first place that I would think need coverage, but apparently they do.

   Not to be confused with fake tan, leg makeup is a revolutionary product of the beauty industry, so much so that I'm really wondering how I ever lived without it. It covers up blemishes, bruises and veins in an instant, making your legs appear flawless and ever so slightly tanned.

Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs Before

 As you can see from the photo above, my legs aren't perfect. A childhood spent crawling around in blanket tents means the skin over my knees is so much rougher and darker than the rest of my legs, plus endlessly playing with my relentless (and rather large) dog has resulted in several light bruises. In addition, my legs are the palest part of my body, and therefore imperfections are highlighted even further.

Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs After

   As per the instructions, I sprayed a light amount of the product in my hand and vigorously rubbed it into an area of my leg. It was so dark when it went on, but after rubbing, the tone became even and didn't make a stark contrast against the skin underneath. I covered the whole of my leg in around six sprays, and it produced an even layer, apart from around my ankles where it seemed to collect slightly.

   No, it didn't stain my hand, as it's easy to wash off with soapy water. However this doesn't mean that the leg makeup will melt off at the sight of a swimming pool - the formula is apparently water-resistant.

   It smelled strangely familiar, like face paints or Crayola crayons; not totally unpleasant, but it needed good ventilation for the smell to disappear.

   All in all I'm delighted with the result. It even covered up my birthmark which, although tiny, is more of an annoying blemish than anything else. I'm happy with the fact that it didn't rub off onto my clothing, and that it doesn't feel sticky or heavy.

   For an affordable, mid-range product (£9.99 from Boots), Sally Hansen's Airbrush Legs has tangible, satisfying results that I haven't seen from any other similar product so far.

   Let me know what you think of this! Have you tried this product before?


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