Friday, 20 September 2013

Feeling the Cold

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   I've heard that the next week or so is heading for a warm up weatherwise - we usually have a quick spell of summery weather in September, then it's downhill from there - but it's time to go coat shopping!

   Tartan appears to be the trend favoured by high street retailers this season. I'm not completely won over (I left my pink tartan mini skirt back in 2002), however this coat from Miss Selfridge brings the pattern into a more heritage region than the beige print on that infamous belt of a skirt worn by Christina Aguilera in her 'Dirrty' video (curse that double 'r').

    I'm all for contrast, especially if that contrast involves monochrome. Half my wardrobe this Spring was a blur of black and white, so it's nice to see a trend continue into the Winter (allows me to put off a blog sale for another few months). This cream and black contrast coat from New Look is rather Zara-esque with a hint of Parisian chic. Definitely on my hit-list.

    Unfortunately, I feel the cold quite easily, but the only warm coat I have is a burgundy-coloured ski jacket - and I'm so self-conscious that I will not wear it, for fear that I will look like a giant plum. On the brighter side, Topshop has this gorgeous tomato coloured wool coat in a mannish style, which looks incredibly cozy as well as stylish. Similarly, Next stock this stunning biker-style jacket in a toned-down check print.

   Last year, I bought a simple, navy cape from Topshop, which I must have worn all through Winter. It was so easy to sling on over a thin knit, and looked sensational paired with bright, leather gloves. I definitely won't regret adding another to my wardrobe - especially this lovely, grey, hand-made wool cape from Zara. Also, I'm going crazy over this beautiful camel-coloured cape from Warehouse - so A/W chic, it's almost criminal.

   One of my close friends bought a gorgeous fur coat a while ago, which I absolutely adored on her, but I dared not to try on. Fur just doesn't cut it on my short frame, however this coat from Lipsy has just the right amount to stop me looking like an overweight cat.

   If you saw my last post, you might have noticed my recent purchase of a cobalt blue t-shirt from Dorothy Perkins. Cobalt is my new favourite shade, and this coat from Glamorous does it complete justice, accompanied by a biker-style zip and boucle material.  

   Have you already got your coats for this season? What're you loving/wearing?


  1. Nice coats !

  2. The Miss Selfridge coat is THE ONE! x

    1. I agree, I'm really tempted to get it!

      Much love,
      Jennifer x

  3. Omg I love the tartan coat from Miss Selfridge. I just bought a new coat but I'm really tempted to buy it :p
    Tiana x


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