Friday, 16 August 2013

Three of the Best: This Season's Perfumes

   This season has seen a flurry of flowery, sweet scents, including Prada Candy, Clinique Happy in Bloom and the oh so popular Marc Jacobs Daisy range. I'm definitely attracted to floral scents, especially for Spring and Summer as they're so light and fresh, unlike Winter's more heavy, spicy and seductive notes.

   Another great feature about Spring/Summer scents is the creativity and innovation put into designing the packaging. Often we see brighter colours, sleeker shapes and more embellishment with both the bottles and the caps. These elements of design are particularly associated with the three brands illustrated below.

   I've picked three of my favourite fragrances from this year so far - tell me what you think, and if you have any favourites you'd like to share! 
Marc Jacobs Honey

   It can be said that Marc Jacobs has conquered the perfume market, alongside the highly successful 'Daisy' range (as previously mentioned), Oh, Lola! and Dot, they've very recently introduced Honey - which received an incredible amount of hype prior to its release date.

   With a bottle that mimics its sister fragrances, Honey is a juicy mix of peach, mandarin, pear and, of course, honey. Despite the fusion of saccharine flavours, Honey is far from sickly sweet - it has the warmth of Summer without being too heavy.

Vera Wang be Jewelled 

   Vera Wang's Princess was my first ever 'grown-up' perfume. I fell in love with its exotic, tart aromas and heart-shaped bottle, however it lacked the sophistication of other perfumes. 

   Enter Be Jewelled, with a blend of pomegranate, passion fruit, red currants, sandalwood, pink peony and champagne. Yes, champagne - what could be more glamorous?! This fragrance is fun and girly infused with elegance and class.

   The bottle is almost as unique as Princess, without the added extra of wearable rings. It features jewels adorning the neck, making this perfume one to show off on your dressing table.


   Inspired by the 30th anniversary of the Guess brand, Guess Girl was released early this year.

   Its fruity notes of raspberry, melon and bergamot scream sweet and girly, while floral tones of orchid, acacia and lily suggest a more seductive side. Sandalwood and vanilla round off this superb scent concocted by distinguished perfumer Laurent Le Guernec.

   I particularly love this unfussy packaging. A sleek, tied ribbon and floral cap represent the magic of simplicity.


  1. I need to go sniff Honey, it sounds fab and I'm a sucker for anything honey scented! :) Great post lovely!

    Andrea | RosyChicc

    1. You'll love it!! :) Thank you for the comment

      Much love,
      Jennifer x


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