Sunday, 18 August 2013

NYX Lipsticks from 123 Hair & Beauty


   Earlier this week, I was looking through various YouTube beauty reviews, with the aim of finding some interesting lipsticks to purchase before it becomes Winter and my lips begin their annual transformation into filo pastry. 

   I noticed a few vloggers mentioning the quality and affordable price of NYX Lipsticks, so I thought I'd pop along to 123 Hair & Beauty to explore their range.

   NYX aren't overly available in the UK, with Urban Outfitters currently being the only high street stockist. And it's not like, living in the countryside, I can simply hop over to my local Urban Outfitters. However, their affordable products, ranging from nail polish to false eyelashes, are available from various online retailers.

   There are 27 shades of NYX Lipstick to choose from on the 123 Hair & Beauty website - I picked Pumpkin Pie, a lovely beige-coral colour, and Chloe, a shimmery hot pink tone. Below are photographs of the swatches:


   These lipsticks are really soft - they practically melt onto your lips (I like my lipsticks a bit more solid, so I'd recommend popping them in the fridge for an hour to harden them) - however they're really highly pigmented and look great on!

   Though the description states that these lipsticks are smudgeproof, I found that when I was drinking a lot rubbed off on the glass. This was a bit disappointing as it means that I'm going to get through these products quite quickly, however they were only  £3.50 each so it's not a huge disaster.

   I like the packaging, it's simple and the cap clicks on securely. The clear bottom section makes it easier to identify which colour you're putting on - always handy in the morning rush - and the black and white design is clear and easy to read.

   After trying out NYX's standard lipsticks, I'd really like to see how their matt lippies fare, as I'm thinking that matt will rub off less when I'm eating and drinking.

   123 Hair & Beauty stocks so many different beauty brands, from Benefit to Yves Saint Laurent, at discounted prices. They're also hosting a huge 70% off sale with prices starting from £4.00, plus free UK delivery!


  1. Omg I just love the packaging so much ! I never had anything from Nyxx but I only hear good about them !

  2. Pumpkin Pie looks beautiful! These look great for £3.50!

  3. Pumkin Pie is such a lovely colour and for such a cheap price you can't really go wrong! Been meaning to try these out for ages but could never decide on a colour x


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