Thursday, 8 August 2013

Little White Lie: Tanning Lotion

Little White Lie

   We Brits secretly love a sleek, subtle fake tan, so it's vital to find a decent contender in the tanning product category.

   My latest discovery is Makebelieve's Little White Lie Tanning Lotion. I'm so into lotions instead of the full-on fake tan, as it's easier to apply, it looks really discreet and it doesn't streak. Despite their controversial, but rather catchy, advert (see below), I think Makebelieve's brand looks appealing and, by the looks of it, stocks a vast range of products related to self-tanning - so there's plenty to pick from!

   This is a white lotion that goes on transparent and gets darker throughout the day. I applied it after a shower and, though I did see instant results, it only got slightly darker after a few hours, so I assume that it's more of a gradual tan that becomes darker through continuous usage.

   Like most products of this category, it has a slight biscuity scent on top of the expected lotion-smell, though this is not off putting.

   I noticed that it sank into my skin rather well when applied with a mitt, and didn't leave too much of a sticky feel like other tanning lotions I've tried.

   On the whole I'd say this is a great product from beginners, or those who prefer a more subtle tan! Boots currently sell this for £14.99, however they're doing a half price deal on selected Little White Lie self-tan.

Tan Your Moves - Makebelieve's Little White Lie Tanning Lotion ad



  1. Looks like a good product !

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