Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Hair Supply: Hask


   It's quite certain that we all know about the miracle that is argan oil. I've used it for half a year and it makes my hair feel a lot smoother and easier to brush.

   For a few weeks I've been switching from my normal Moroccan Oil to a new brand called Hask. They specialise in haircare products with natural ingredients, including argan oil, avocado and placenta. Yes, placenta.

   I was a bit shocked to read that too, but don't worry, it's not human. It's cow. And apparently it's great for your hair, with a key ingredient of hyaluronic acid which is a rich, natural moisturiser.

   I've used three of their hair oils so far: the Macadamia Oil, the Argan Oil and the Keratin Protein. They all feel the same and have a similar effect when applied through damp hair, however despite their lack of difference, I enjoyed using them.

   Each of the products are fragranced with perfume. The Macadamia Oil has a warm, caramel smell, the Argan Oil almost reminds me of a Terry's Chocolate Orange and a whiff of the Keratin Protein brings to mind shampoo.

   Efficiency wise, the oils are easy as ever to use and create a silky, soft effect when applied everywhere but the roots (here, the product seems to collect and create a greasy look). The downside? As far as I know, they're only available abroad. You can probably purchase online if you're dreadfully desperate, however I wouldn't recommend going to great lengths for this product when you can buy similar products at your local Boots.

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  1. I've being using the blue one for 2 months now, I love it, the texture, the smell and it feels great on the hair !


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