Friday, 19 July 2013

Sunnies Festival Glasses

   At the beginning of the year I started spotting so many sunglasses with cute little flowers embellished around the frames. It's so Etsy - I love it.

   Luckily, I entered a giveaway on, and won a pair handmade by Olivia from Sunnies Festival Sunglasses!

   These are a beautiful seamist colour with sparkly, transparent sides and fuschia, lilac, baby pink and mint green flowers decorating the frames.

   I have to say, I absolutely love them! They're so 'festival season' and brighten up any look. I'd wear them with something colourful, just to emphasise the Summery-ness.




  1. Awww these are so cute, congratulations on winning them :)
    Tiana x

  2. i've nominated you for a liebster, questions are on my blog, love this post and all you write :)

  3. We're glad you loved them!!! And we are grateful for your beautiful blog post

    Sunnies X


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