Friday, 26 July 2013

Runway Republic: Vintage, Designer & Independent Clothing

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   Like many of you, I've trawled through eBay looking for clothing that I've seen in magazines or on the high street, or for interesting vintage pieces. 

   After a while, clicking through hundreds of pages to find what I was looking for became a tedious process, and I rarely ended up buying anything. It occurred to me that eBay wasn't fashionista-friendly, and I needed to find another platform that provided me with unique, on-trend items from enthusiastic sellers.

   Then Runway Republic popped into my life. Easy to navigate, brand-oriented and with a seller registration process that takes minutes to complete, this site's definitely one to rival even the ASOS Marketplace.

   The best thing about this site is that it allows buyers to browse through independent brands and designers from across the world, opening up a door for sellers who are only just starting out in the business. Some of my favourites include LipsToToes, The Pokey Hat and My Green Bag Shoreditch - perfect if you're an underground label junkie like me.

   Runway Republic stocks everything from swimwear to party dresses - I recommend taking a look!


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