Sunday, 14 July 2013

Product Review: Kissed Lashes


   False eyelashes were never my top priority while getting ready for a night out - I only really wore them when I was feeling super TOWIE.

   However, after Kelly from Kissed Lashes asked me to try out a few sets of her hand-decorated falsies, they seem to have made their way into my daily makeup routine.


   My lashes aren't incredibly long or thick, in fact, I'm actually so jealous that my boyfriend has better eyelashes than me. 

   Kissed Lashes' 'The Natural One' made my eyes appear bigger, without making me look like I've tried too hard. I wore the lashes out to afternoon tea with my friends during the day, and I didn't feel odd with them on. In fact, I felt a lot more confident.


   I also picked out one of the more embellished designs from Kissed Lashes, which were called 'Toblerone'. These were a fuller set of eyelashes which were half covered in small golden-orange coloured gems. This is such a brilliant concept, and it looks gorgeous!

   The best thing about these lashes is that the gems are really well secured and don't fall off during the application process or during normal wear. Plus, they are easy to apply if you use a good quality glue.

   Kissed Lashes have got a range of handmade designs ranging from red rose embellishments to golden glitter - if you're a lover of decorative false eyelashes, I definitely recommend taking a look! Their website also includes useful tips, like how to apply false eyelashes correctly, plus an FAQ and blog full of beauty advice.

Facebook Page: Kissed Lashes


  1. Love fake lashes, even just in the box they look so cute !

  2. I have been loving false lashes lately! They just give such an amazing finish to my makeup xx

  3. Hi :) Could you send me your home address to my e-mail so we can send you your price from the giveaway ! Congrats ! :)


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