Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Budget Bucket List

   A thank you to Hannah for tagging me in her bucket list post - see her post here!

   Moneysupermarket.com have created a budget bucket list competition to see how the nation would spend their money if given the opportunity to do something amazing. This is such an interesting way to see into a person's personality and imagination; by taking part, I can tell you a little more about who I am.

   The aim is to create two lists - one budget, one extravagant - of activities like having a picnic or planting a tree, to travelling the world or going into space. On top of this, you must write about what's stopping you doing these things and what it would mean for you to tick them off your list.

   Entrants could win £1000, so I'm nominating Natalie, Mia and Isabel to take part!

Here's my BARGAIN Bucket List:

   I've always adored animals, and helping abandoned animals find new, loving owners would be one of the most amazing experiences for me. The only thing that's stopping me is the fact that I have two dogs who also need lots of love and attention - charity begins at home!

Bargain 2

   I haven't exercised in years, so a long bike ride would do me so much good - plus I love being outdoors in the sunshine! Unfortunately, I wouldn't know where to go, plus I have no one who'd be bothered enough to go with me.

Bargain 3

   I know it's so 'teen romcom', but driving out to the beach, laying on the car bonnet with a Kopparberg and watching the stars is perhaps the best date I could ever go on. What's stopping me? I think you can guess that.

Bargain 4

   I've been writing music for as long as I can remember, though I tend to write a chorus here, a riff there, and I have never finished a song. I guess it's been lack of commitment, or inspiration, that's stopped me; however, if I were to write one, maybe one day I could perform it - even if it's just for my friends and family.


Extravagant 1

   I get so excited at the prospect of seeing new designers' work at LFW, but it would be more than amazing to produce a pop-up catwalk outdoors in a city centre - music booming, no entry fees, and talented designers showing off their designs. I think that would be a highlight of my life.

extravagant 2

   As you might know if you are a regular at Art Style Love, I like my art. Not only do I make my own, but I support others by promoting their work on this blog. I think there is art for everyone to enjoy, not just those who can afford it - so starting an art gallery will allow me to fulfill my passion, as well as support others along the way!

Extravagant 3

   For the career that I want to go into, London is the place to be. Plus, it inspires me - there's something different around every corner! I know living in London is expensive, but I know I'll get there one day, somehow...

Extravagant 4

   Having somewhere peaceful to relax is so important to me; I love quiet areas away from the busy world, so a Japanese, zen-like garden would be my ideal place to rest. I like stepping stones, pagoda-style buildings and bonsai trees in pretty shan shui decorated containers - so beautiful!

extravagant 5

   For a long time now I've been intent on visiting Aus. I've heard so many good things from family and friends who have flown there, but I really want to experience it for myself for at least six months. My all time must-do is to cook and eat Christmas dinner on the beach!


  1. Ooo yay thanks for taking part =) I love your list, I've been wanting to do volunteer work with animals for a while now as well =) And turning you garden into a Japanese garden sounds magical, they are so beautiful and tranquil.

    Lots of luck =)


    1. Thanks very much for tagging me! I love animals, so it's definitely one that I'm going to do. The Japanese garden is an absolute dream - but I hope it can be real one day!

      Thank you and much love,
      Jennifer x


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