Sunday, 23 June 2013

Sunday In Photographs

Sunday In Photographs

1. Handbag Exchange - I swapped my cobalt blue and cream faux LV slouchy tote for my mum's more sophisticated, structured, red shoulder bag. I love the slight trapeze shape, and the colour is so juicy.

2. The Weather - Always a topical way to begin conversation, the weather this weekend has thundered its way into my bad books. My hair and makeup were not impressed.

3. Next Mirrored Chest - I've been borrowing some interior design inspiration from a few rather stylish blogs, and I've decided that I'm in love with mirrored furniture. It's so chic and light-reflecting - plus, what beauty blogger doesn't want a few more mirrors in the house? Find my drawers on the Next website here.

4. Hero's New Collar - My parents have a knack for buying collars that make my boxer look rather 'blingy'. The last one was bedazzled with gold pyramid studs, not to my liking. This one from Next was just right for the little sweetie. Find this collar here.

5. Lili's Operation - My little one's recuperating from her op, but she gets extra hugs today for tolerating the dreaded cone.

6. Afternoon Tea - Made some delectable (if I do say so myself) scones for a homemade afternoon tea with the fresh eggs I bought yesterday. A lovely end to the day, relaxing with a cup of Earl Grey, a scone and July's Vogue.


  1. Lovely photos - your dog is so cute!
    It's quite amusing how the British can never stop talking about the weather! The outside world will never quite understand the British fascination...

    Do you have Instagram?

    Yinyin xx

    1. Aww thank you!
      I agree, I think it's part of what makes us British :)
      I don't have Instagram I'm afraid as I'm yet to get an iPhone, but I'll let you know when I do.

      Much love,
      Jennifer x


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