Thursday, 27 June 2013

Fashion Dupedom

   This is my latest article for national student magazine, Verge - find the original post here.

   A good dupe turns heads. Get it right and you’ll fool people into thinking that the off-white two-strap heels you are rocking must be straight from a ready-to-wear collection, or at least off, when, in fact, they cost less than two adult cinema tickets.
   eBay holds the cards on the dupe front, with blogger favourites such as a painterly Céline logo on a white tee, or versions of the Catherine Malandrino ‘kitty flats’ for no more than ten pounds. Yes, internet shopping has made dupedom a much more accessible (and legal) concept than flying to Shanghai to buy the latest Louis Vuitton fake. However, what about the high street? In recent years we have witnessed some killer dupes from our favourite retail giants – remember River Island’s £28 version of Victoria Beckham’s scalloped crepe dress? Buying from the high street means, for the most part, better quality clothing, plus we are encouraging the reconstruction of our dwindling town centres.
   So what makes duping so desirable? Celebrity culture? Social networking? How about both. With model and underground-label style icon, Cara Delevingne, continuously updating her Twitter and Instagram with shots of not only those endearing face-pulls and recent tats, but also new shoes, accessories and clothes that she has either modelled at a show, bagged from PR companies or purchased herself, it is only logical that her followers will develop a lust for those things. However, these model goodies do not come cheap. One of her more reasonably priced acquisitions was a pair of leopard print flats from Ugg (1), currently priced at £95. Though I am a sucker for designer, my student loan will not stretch to budget in shoes at nearly £100 a pop, so I turn to cheaper high street labels (New Look has an excellent dupe for almost a quarter of the price (2)).
   A few of my student-friendly favourites include Topshop’s tiger print jumper (3) in place of Kenzo’s similar animal-motif knit (4), Nastygal sunnies (5) over the Karen Walker Number One glasses (6) and Forever 21’s buckled ankle boots (7) instead of Chloe’s Susanna booties (8). These are only a handful of the amazing steals that internet-based and high streets shops have to offer. Finding dupes like these only requires a keen eye for style and some basic fashion hunting skills.
   For students, dupedom is the key to looking not only expensive, but also current, while on a shoe-string budget. Sure, you want to avoid looking like a clone, which is why you customise that 3.1 Phillip Lim Paschli satchel look-a-like with a geometric print scarf and a few vintage brooches because, hey, it was only £20.
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