Thursday, 20 June 2013

Beauty Things That I Suck At TAG

   This is a tag that I first saw on thelovecatsinc. In the video below I describe a few things that I'm still learning about or haven't quite grasped yet.

   I think it's important to know your own flaws so you can improve them, so I'd really love to know if you've got any beauty things that you suck at - let me know in the comments box, or create your own video!


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  1. Hey!

    I suck at applying mascara because it ends up on my lids, usually I have to wipe it away with a wet wipe, but it can be annoying if you've already done eyeshadow.

    I contour using a non-shimmer bronzer under my cheek bones, and a little bit of blusher on the apples of my cheeks. I use highlighter on the top of my cheekbones, and up to the side of my forehead. I use highlighter also on my brow bone, inside of my eyes, and the cubid's bow by the lips. Apply all of this after foundation and concealer.

    Hope that helps! :)



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