Friday, 10 May 2013

Product Review: Clarins BB Cream

Clarins CC Cream 3

   Clarins, the well-known, French skincare brand has just created a BB Cream. The SPF 25 'Skin Perfecting' cream comprises of several special ingredients such as '3D-radiance' pigments, which promise a radiant, smooth and even complexion.

   I tried a sample of Clarins' BB Cream and I was left quite disappointed. Of course, I've tried BB creams before and was not as excited as everyone else seemed to be, however I thought Clarins, being such a quality-assured brand, would deliver.

   The product looked extremely dark in comparison to my skin tone - as you can see in the photograph above. However, as BB creams are meant to be light, I thought that the colour would not be so highly pigmented when applied to my face. I was wrong. The thick mixture was blotchy and took so long to apply. It also had a fragrance which smelled a bit like perfume-scented fake tan.

   After application, my skin looked rather tangerine-y and, not to mention, shiny.

Clarins CC Cream 2

   I know these gorgeous Parisian women are going for an au naturel look right now, but it's not my style. I'm really not a fan of a shiny forehead.

   On the upside, the blotchiness that appeared during application had leveled out after a few minutes and I was left with an even tone. However, this would never fly if ever I were in a rush before work.

   Yes, this product is light. Like all BB cream providers, Clarins guarantees a light and fresh 'no makeup' feeling, which it does actually provide. But, due to the shine, I decided to apply a powder foundation over the top, which gave me more coverage (see below).

Clarins CC Cream 1

   The things I like most about this product are the SPF 25 as I wouldn't receive this amount of protection from my normal foundation, and the lightweight feeling that I also would not get from my foundation.

   Would I buy this product? Unfortunately, no. My position on BB creams has firmly been assured: they're not for me

£28.00 for 45ml

Scent - 3/5
Texture - 3/5
Efficiency - 3/5
Price - 2/5

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