Tuesday, 14 May 2013

CharmNest Jewellery

Charmnest 2

   Recently I was contacted by the owner of a new jewellery brand called CharmNest notifying me about the products they had to offer. Only established this year, the youthful, enthusiastic brand has already introduced onto the net an armful of exciting - and affordable - jewellery.

   While I was searching through their site, I found these (above). They are the most unique earrings I've seen, outside Topshop, and for only £2.50, they're a bargain.

   They also have a really interesting fastening - at first I thought I'd broken them, however, as you can see in the top right, the earrings come in three parts. Firstly, the thumb-claw goes through the ear, then through one of the holes in the main claw. The plastic earring-back then secures them together.

   Your result is an earring that looks like it's gripping onto your ear lobe. Brilliant!

   I must also say that their customer service was excellent, and I received my earrings so quickly, encased in well-wrapped packaging so they were totally undamaged.

   There are so many other great pieces of jewellery on CharmNest, including bracelets, necklaces and rings - if you feel  like you could do with a new piece of quirky jewellery, visit their site here!

Charmnest 1


  1. Those earrings are lovely, so unique! I think I can see me buying a few bits off that website xx

    D Is For...

  2. Ooo. These earrings are so cool. Love them. xx


  3. oh wow, I love these so unique and interesting. I used to have my ears spaced so I can't wear earrings now *sad face*


  4. These are absolutely gorgeous! The design is really quirky but still everyday wearable x They've done a great
    job designing these!

    Isabel Rose

  5. Awesome earrings! Really clever little design! :)

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