Sunday, 26 May 2013

5 Of The Best: Slimline Wedges

   I much prefer the slimline wedge to its bigger brother. The slimline wedge is so much less 'clunky', and walks just like a stiletto, not to mention its chic, streamlined appearance. 

   This style is so versatile, it can be worn with anything, yet most versions of the shoe I've seen are kept simple in bold, neutral colours. Perhaps this is to emphasise its versatility, promising a different look with each outfit.

   Fastening are also simple - no thick straps; these would take away from the minimalist aesthetic. My favourite is the t-bar option (number 3, below), which draws a vertical line of sight and elongates the legs, despite the ankle strap. Or no strap at all (number 2 and 5, below) - even simpler.

   Here are my pick of the five best slimline wedges at affordable prices.

1. Prism by Melissa @ Kurt Geiger - £90.00 -
2. Covert by Dune - £79.00 -
3. Pivotal by ASOS - £45.00 -
4. White Pointed Sling Back Wedges by River Island - £55.00 -
5. Kraska by Aldo - £39.98 -



  1. love the silver ones!

    from helen at thelovecatsinc

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