Friday, 5 April 2013

Product Review: Barry M Textured Nail Paint

   This is a nail polish I bought from Topshop on Oxford Street - they have a huge selection of Barry M products in their accessories and cosmetics section.

   I had never tried any of the textured polishes from Barry M before, and from all the good reviews I'd seen online and in magazines, I decided I should try it out.

   I picked this colour (Atlantic Road) to go with this season's pastels. It's a Tiffany blue tone when it's painted on, however it's slightly lighter in the bottle.

   Application is easy; the polish needed two coats to become opaque, so not much difference from most other Barry M nail polishes. Due to the strong pigment, make sure you have a steady hand, as any uneven edges will become prominent when dry.

   The initial texture is smooth when first applied, then it turns grainy when it dries, and has a suede-like appearance. It feels rough to the touch and has a matt finish, even after applying a clear top coat. I'm not sure if I'm keen on this on all my nails, perhaps it would be better on one feature nail with a high-shine colour on the rest to contrast.

   In terms of staying power, the polish stays on for a good couple of days before chipping. It's easier to remove than glitter nail polish, so don't worry about wrapping your finger tips in acetone soaked cotton wool and foil.

£3.99 for 10ml

Scent - 3/5
Texture - 3/5
Efficiency - 5/5
Price - 5/5


  1. not sure how i feel about this trend, i suppose i will have to try it myself to see whether i like it or not :/. this post gives me a good idea about what it will look like though!

  2. I think if I had one of these polishes I'd be way too temped to pick at it!
    Plus I love a glossy polish, this does look cool though :)

    Emily x -

  3. I have this in the mint green shade and I love it. A lot of people told me it was weird but I love it for some reason.


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