Friday, 26 April 2013

Essie - Penny Talk

Essie 1

   Essie, known for its great quality, formaldehyde-free nail polishes, has just become my go-to brand for mirror/foil/metallic style nail polish.

   Released last year, the mirror metallics collection includes five shades of gorgeous, totally wearable polishes that shine like none other that I've previously tried. The colour I've got on in the photos is called 'Penny Talk', a pink-copper colour.

   The extra thick, high pigment liquid applies in one slick and creates an instant mirrored look. Apply another coat and the shine is even more intense. One thing I like about the application with Essie polishes is the wide brush; it makes it so much more easy to apply, and I don't understand why other manufacturers insist on providing a thin brush.

   With a smooth texture after drying, there's no need to use a top coat unless you desire extra protection. In the photos I've taken, I haven't used a top coat, and yet the polish is super shiny.

   As another advantage, the polish doesn't smell as bad as other polishes. Bonus!

Essie 2

£8.00 for 13.5ml

Scent - 4/5
Texture - 5/5
Efficiency - 5/5
Price - 4/5


  1. There is a flapper factor about this nail colour!!

  2. Love that colour !


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