Tuesday, 30 April 2013

OOTD - Delilah

Delilah 3 Delilah 1 Delilah 2 Delilah 4

Flower Crown - EatSleepFashion at Etsy
Mint Green Shirt - Forever 21
Mint Clubmasters - Primark
Pink Polka Dot Shorts - H&M
Jessie Stud Litas - Kitsch Couture at Bank
Bow Ring - New Look
Lilac Nail Polish - Mavala

Product Review: Bobbi Brown Illuminating Finish Powder

   I bought this at Selfridges a while ago and I've been saving it so that I could thoroughly review it. 

   In comparison to my everyday powder foundation, Rimmel Stay Matte, I could definitely notice the difference - particularly its staying power. The powder provides coverage for the whole working day, whereas the cheaper Rimmel powder only provides coverage for a maximum of four to five hours before it starts melting off my face.

   In terms of colour match, I got the Bobbi Brown foundation after a skin tone test at Selfridges, meaning that it automatically wins over my previous foundation, which was apparently a bit too pink for my skin. The Bobbi Brown however, serves as a bit of a colour corrector, evening out skin tone as a good quality foundation should.

   This powder holds blusher really well. I found that with my previous powder, the blusher was almost invisible by mid day as it faded with the foundation itself. When using the Bobbi Brown foundation, I found that my blusher stayed on as long as the base.

   The box states that the product has an SPF of 12. This isn't much, but any protection is good, as I almost never apply sun tan lotion to my face (and I'm sure a lot of women would say the same).

   In terms of the packaging, I always notice that Bobbi Brown uses a sleek, easy to clean design - so you won't get grubby-looking compacts in your beauty bag.

   The sponge is pretty much pointless, that is, unless you dampen it slightly for high coverage. I use a large, soft-bristled brush as I believe this provides a light, but effective, coverage without affecting my liquid base.

   The mirror is handy; it's clear and not too small - a plus when it comes to compact foundations.

   If you're stuck in a 'should I buy an expensive foundation?' dilemma, I would say '100% yes' to investing, especially in this award-winning foundation.

£31.00 for 13g

Scent - N/A
Texture - 5/5
Efficiency - 5/5
Price - 3/5


Saturday, 27 April 2013

OOTD - Rochelle

Monochrome 1 Monochrome 2 Monochrome 3

Monochrome Letter Print Boyfriend Shirt - Glamorous
Disco Pants - Boohoo.com
Jessie Stud Boots - Kitsch Couture at Bank
'LOVE' Bracelet - Boohoo.com

Friday, 26 April 2013

Essie - Penny Talk

Essie 1

   Essie, known for its great quality, formaldehyde-free nail polishes, has just become my go-to brand for mirror/foil/metallic style nail polish.

   Released last year, the mirror metallics collection includes five shades of gorgeous, totally wearable polishes that shine like none other that I've previously tried. The colour I've got on in the photos is called 'Penny Talk', a pink-copper colour.

   The extra thick, high pigment liquid applies in one slick and creates an instant mirrored look. Apply another coat and the shine is even more intense. One thing I like about the application with Essie polishes is the wide brush; it makes it so much more easy to apply, and I don't understand why other manufacturers insist on providing a thin brush.

   With a smooth texture after drying, there's no need to use a top coat unless you desire extra protection. In the photos I've taken, I haven't used a top coat, and yet the polish is super shiny.

   As another advantage, the polish doesn't smell as bad as other polishes. Bonus!

Essie 2

£8.00 for 13.5ml

Scent - 4/5
Texture - 5/5
Efficiency - 5/5
Price - 4/5

Thursday, 25 April 2013

OOTD - Sandy

Miso Dress 1 Miso Dress 3 Miso Dress 2

White Crochet Dress - Miso at Republic
Neon Perspex Shoes - Boohoo.com

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Blog Shoe Sale

   Hello all! I'm hosting a blog shoe sale, as I'm planning to clear a lot of space in my room.

   I'm selling these particular shoes simply because I've bought them and only worn them once or twice and I feel that they could go to better use in another person's home!

   If you'd like to purchase an item, please email me at jenniferartstylelove@gmail.com quoting the number of the item and your Paypal email, and I'll send you an invoice on Paypal.

   I can only accept payment through PayPal, as this is the safest method available! Also, this is only open to UK residents only.

   Post and packaging for all items is £3.50.

   If you have any questions, please do not be afraid to leave a comment or email me!

1. Publicité Leopard Print Mirrored Heel Sandals
Size 5
(Worn once, no signs of wear)


2. Gibi Black Zip Strap Heeled Sandals
Size 4
(Worn once)

3. Lipsy Midnight Blue Velvet Rose Peeptoe Boots
Size 5
(Worn twice)


4. New Look Terracotta Shoe Boots
Size 5

5. New Look Mint Green/Blue Peeptoe Heeled Sandals
Size 4
(Worn once, small scuff on back of left heel)

6. Primark Faux Fur Lace Up Pixie Boots
Size 5
(Small amount of scuffing on toes)


Monday, 22 April 2013

OOTD - Monica

Monica 4
Monica 2
Monica 1Monica 3

Bowler Hat - eBay
Sunglasses - Primark
Top - Forever 21
Skirt - New Look
Bag - River Island
Shoes - Boohoo.com


Sunday, 21 April 2013

OOTD - Ivy

Eyeliner - No 7 at Boots
Lipstick - Barry M at ASOS
Earrings - Forever 21
Shirt - Forever 21
Chinos - New Look
Brogues - Primark


Saturday, 20 April 2013

OOTD - Jane

Dress - Mela Loves London at New Look
Heels - Primark

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Product Review: Crabtree & Evelyn Somerset Meadow Hand Cream

   A new addition to their set of fragrances, Somerset Meadow was announced by global brand Crabtree & Evelyn about two months ago, but it's scheduled for release in the next few weeks.

   Said to contain notes of bergamot, blackberry, fern and ivy, the fragrance will appear in a parfum gel, shower gel, body lotion and as part of their award winning hand-therapy range.

   Today I'm reviewing their ultra-moisturising hand therapy cream in Somerset Meadow.

   Firstly, I like the appearance of the tube packaging. It reminds me of those original boutique-y cosmetics that really did the job. However, as the tube was quite squashable, the product oozed out straight away when I took the cap off. Not a huge turn off, but it can be a little irritating if it spills on your trousers.

   The product appears quite thick, however, when rubbed into the skin it feels light, if a slight bit oily. It takes a few minutes to sink in - however it's not thick and sticky.

   The scent is gorgeous. It smells like spiced potpourri, with a hint of citrus. I wouldn't say it was refreshing; it's more like a warming, familiar scent. On the other hand, the scent faded quite quickly, so don't rely on this as your only form of fragrance.

   You can buy this product from April 29th 2013, online and in store. I have the 25g version, which, if used everyday, would probably last around a month and a half - but at £5.00 a pop, it's definitely purse-friendly.

£5.00 for 25g

Scent - 4/5
Texture - 4/5
Efficiency - 3/5
Price - 5/5


Tuesday, 16 April 2013

A Passion for Vintage

   There's nothing more intriguing than the story behind a vintage item: a coat worn by a 1920s cabaret performer, a wedding ring that survived its owner's diamond anniversary, boots worn at a Jimi Hendrix gig at Woodstock. The story of an item is, perhaps, even more exciting than the item itself. I remember my first vintage purchase: a little brown suitcase that I bought, standing in the rain, at an outdoor fair at Snape Maltings. I adored it because of its potential history - where it could have been and who could have owned it. It now resides on my bedside table as my little ornamental representation of 'vintage'.

   I spoke to Kelly Fairweather, owner of Fairweather Vintage in Ipswich, Suffolk, who knows what to look for when purchasing a unique item from a bygone era.

   She explains that vintage shopping is similar to "shopping at TKMaxx, you've got to look through everything to find that little gem."

   Bearing this is mind, she has simplified her shop, selecting only the most interesting items to display. Walking around, I can see that the fixtures and displays aren't overloaded with merchandise, and little cameo brooches and colourful hair bows - things that we would most likely skim over - are made prominent: "I try not to put too much on each fixture so that people walk around and really take the time to look at what I sell."
   Having stood in the shop for less than ten minutes, I had already spotted several pieces of clothing that I loved, including the long, red Jaeger coat that I'm wearing in the shots below. Like ninety percent of customers, I would only buy one unique item and cherish it, however, according to Kelly, "there are customers who come in who live and breathe vintage." 

   Kelly's own style is "a mix of high street staples and vintage statements", like a black H&M dress paired with fifties kitten heels. "Because the weather's not been great, I've had to wear a beanie and a woolly jumper most days," Kelly explains, making a face as this particular choice of clothing is the polar opposite to her typical rockabilly attire. 

   However, as the Sun was shining, Kelly ditched her beanie and decided to try out some dresses for our photoshoot.

   We received a makeover from Betty at Betty's Bangs, a gorgeous, unique hair salon which is also situated in Ipswich. Backcombing, spritzing and pinning my hair into place, Betty took my previously dull, straight style and whipped it into a pin-up worthy victory roll with side curls. Kelly's hair was swept into a sleek, voluminous bun and a VV Brown fringe.

   James Earnshaw from www.empiremade.co.uk shot these photographs on location at Christchurch Park and around Ipswich town centre.

   I had such a great day working with Betty, Kelly and James to create these photos. I felt so lucky to be able to wear and model clothes that told a story, that I was a little bit disappointed when I changed back into my regular clothes. If you would like to find your perfect vintage item, you can find Fairweather Vintage on Facebook, or you can pop by her shop on the first floor at 3 St. Stephen's Lane, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP1 1DP.

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