Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Trend: Trainers

   Yes, really.

   Some of you might remember how New Balance trainers were a travesty and students got bullied even for having thoughts about purchasing a pair way back when. Well, you can now say goodbye to your heels and pull on these comfy flat wonders instead without anyone batting an eyelid.

   Say hello to the world of trainers. 
   Usually, you'd discreetly slip your sneakers on in a corner, behind a plant or filing cabinet, and then leg it to the tube station before placing your heels back on when you got back from lunch like nothing even happened. Now, there's no need to worry. You can match your Nikes to your Nina Ricci and receive rapturous applause for working this season's newest trend.

   New Balance created a range called '410' that features suede and nylon in pop colour combinations. Prices are around £50.00 - average for a pair of durable flats.

   Unfortunately, this is not for the super self-conscious. Cankles will be completely exposed and any sign of stumpy-ness will be amplified by ten. Wear pump socks to elongate your legs, and coordinate colours so that eyes don't just linger on your feet.

   So, if you feel like you could take a break from heels, here are a few outfit ideas to get you started:

1. Red

New Balance 410 Trainers in Red - £50.00 -

River Island White Textured Contrast Mini Skirt - £22.00 -

River Island White Collarless Unfastened Smart Blazer - £45.00 -

Zara Shopper with Braided Handles in Nude - £39.99 -

Topshop Crepeon Raglan Tee - £38.00 -{1}~[red]&noOfRefinements=1

2. Blue

New Balance 410 Trainers in Blue - £50.00 -

Mango Skinny Trousers in Water (WEAR THESE ROLLED UP) - £34.99 -

Miss Selfridge Applique Shell Top - £25.00 -

Warehouse Mixed Colour Chandelier Earrings - £12.00 -

River Island Peach Stud Structured Leather Tote Bag - £70.00 -

3. Grey/Yellow

New Balance 410 Grey/Yellow Trainers - £55.00 -

River Island Grey Unfasted Boyfriend Blazer - £30.00 -

River Island Yellow Panelled Cap Sleeve Pencil Dress - £35.00 -

Accessorize Liz Camera Bag - £32.00 -,acc_1.7/3891531500


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