Thursday, 28 March 2013

Product Review: Rimmel Precious Stones

   Rimmel are my go-to brand for affordable makeup - I have tried out several items from the London range and so far the products have displayed high quality results for their price range.

   At £3.99, the Rimmel London Precious Stones nail polishes are cheaper than most, and still do a good job.

   '001 Diamond Dust' is a granite coloured tone, packed with silver glitter to make it appear like its description. It sparkles under good lighting, and still retains some glamour in duller lighting. The distribution of glitter is perfect, with two coats being enough to make the polish opaque on my nail - no need for a coloured undercoat!

   The texture is very rough - however I am yet to discover a smooth glitter nail polish; if you invent one, let me know and I'll be the first to buy it. I'm not a fan of the rough feeling of this nail polish, and even with a top coat it still feels very grainy.

   Another thing I noticed when applying the polish was the smell. It has a very strong chemical smell, more so than a fair few others that I have tried. This put me off - on the other hand, it only lasts while you're applying.

   On the upside, the glitter makes the polish thicker and easier to apply. My cuticle wasn't flooded with liquid when I painted it on in a thick layer - this is great because a flooded cuticle can look really cheap.

   Overall, I would say that this was a nice opaque glitter polish, if a bit dull in colour. It's a decent buy, price-wise, however I won't be dashing to purchase the other colours in the collection.

£3.99 for 8ml

Scent - 2/5
Texture - 2/5
Efficiency - 4/5
Price - 5/5


  1. Hey! I nominated you for the Liebster award! xx

    - Jayne

  2. I think I will just use this for pedicures if smell is strong!

  3. Shame this product didn't impress you more, it looks amazing! I want a really decent glitter polish with great coverage.

    Emily x -

    P.S. I was also commenting to say that I nominated you for the Liebster award too haha. Here's the link to the post with the details:

  4. Wow! This is gorgeous, I am so buying this x Great review!

    Isabel Rose


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