Saturday, 16 March 2013

Product Review: L'Occitane Brightening Hand Care

    During the Winter, it is guaranteed that I will bear the burden of dry skin. Hands, lips, scalp - it all arrives at the first sign of cold and the only thing that helps is the liberal application of product.

   Consequently, I go through hand creams more than any other product - therefore it is vital for me to find one that I'm happy with.

   So far, I've found a good few that I'm in favour of, however L'Occitane's Brightening Hand Care might just be my favourite above all.

   This hand cream emits a wonderfully fresh smell of cucumber, which I highly prefer over hideously perfumed versions. Like its smell, the cream itself is light and glides on skin well.
   One huge advantage is that it is not sticky. Normal moisturisers often leave you with a wet, sticky layer over your skin and you find that you cannot touch any surface or object  until it absorbs. With L'Occitane, this unwanted feeling is abolished, as the cream absorbs into your skin straight away.

   The cream also features sun protection, with an SPF of 20. This is perfect, as most often people forget to protect their hands from the Sun, which is one reason why a woman's hands give away their age.

   L'Occitane's website also states that the cream "helps stimulate collagen production, to fill out lines and smooth the skin". I'm not overly concerned about this aspect, however some of you might be.

   If you do want to try this for yourself, I recommend applying a pea sized amount between both hands twice a day to achieve its full effect. My hands were still slightly dry and rough after I went outside, however I applied the cream again and they were smooth and hydrated for the rest of the day.

£19.00 for 75ml


Scent - 5/5
Texture - 5/5
Efficiency - 4/5
Price - 3/5



  1. Just found your blog and guess what? I'm following!! It's a lovely blog and I'd love for you to follow me back! It'd be great to keep in touch :)

  2. I've always wanted to try this brand, it looks lovely.

    And, I suffer from dry lips year round, it's a nightmare!


  3. I love this hand cream, i always use it. Hate running out as its always a bit pricey haa
    I saw your post on the Company feed.
    Would love to follow each other on bloglovin?
    Let me know with a comment and I always follow back!
    You have a great blog and I love your style of writing!
    Love G xx

  4. It definately sounds like its worth picking up! Love your posts, I'm a new follower :)


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